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Verizon’s New Ad-Free AMC+ And Netflix Premium Bundle Costs Just $26 a Month


Verizon Netflix AMC Plus bundle

Verizon has launched a new streaming bundle that makes it possible to combine ad-free AMC+ and ad-free Netflix for just $25.99 a month. This new bundle option is only available to Verizon customers through March 31, 2024.

While Netflix offers multiple plans to choose from, Verizon has included the most expensive (Netflix Premium) plan in its new streaming bundle. Considering Netflix premium typically costs $22.99 a month on its own, bundle subscribers are basically getting ad-free AMC+ for just $3.

AMC+ offers two plans to choose from, an ad-supported and ad-free tier, with the ad-free plan costing $8.99 a month. As subscribing to both of these ad-free plans at the same time would typically cost $31.98 a month, the bundle results in a saving of $5.99 each month.

According to Verizon, this is the first time these two streaming services have been offered together at this price, and the bundle is only available to eligible Verizon customers now through March 31.

Similar to other streaming services, Verizon mobile customers with myPlan are also able to take advantage of an additional $5 discount by applying their monthly +play perk to this bundle. The +play monthly benefit works by purchasing $15 a month in credit for $10 a month, resulting in an additional $5 in monthly savings.

Once applied to this bundle, the cost of ad-free AMC+ and ad-free Netflix Premium drops down to just $20.99 a month, which is less than Netflix charges just for its Premium plan.

For those less interested in AMC+, Verizon continues to offer its other bundle, which brings together Netflix Premium and Starz for $25.99 a month, resulting in a $6.99 monthly saving when compared to subscribing to these two subscriptions separately.

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