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Verizon Offering Free AMC+ Subscriptions To Select Customers


AMC+ on devices

Verizon is now offering up to 12 months of access to the AMC+ streaming service for free to consumers who add a new line and buy a new phone, or sign up to Fios Home Internet. Verizon already offers customers the ability to save on select streaming services and this latest perk will increase the savings even more, for those that actually want access to the AMC streaming service.

As streaming has become more common, mobile carriers in the US have looked at bundles to drive customers towards their services. For example, AT&T has provided some of its wireless customers with free HBO Max. while T-Mobile customers can get a free Netflix subscription with select mobile plans and previously offered the option to stream Quibi for free.

In the latest move to attract new customers, Verizon is now offering up to 12 months of AMC+ for free to select customers. There are two main ways to get the free subscription with the first being to purchase a new phone. This deal is open to both new and existing Verizon customers with the company stating the customer will need to activate a new line and buy “one of our best 5G phones” with a device payment plan.

The type of Verizon cellular plan will also affect how long a subscriber gets for free. For example, if purchasing the new phone on either Play More, Do More, or Get More Unlimited, then the full 12 months are available. If purchasing a phone on the cheaper Start Unlimited plan, then the customer will only be eligible for six months of free AMC+

The second way to secure a free AMC+ subscription for one year is through Fios Home Internet. As this route actually requires signing up to one of the Mix & Match Fios home Internet plans, it is only available to new Fios internet customers. Once signed up, the customer will then be able to take advantage of the free subscription.

Regardless of which route is taken, the free access is only for the first year. After which customers will be expected to pay for the cost of AMC+ on top of whatever they are paying for the related Verizon service, if they want to continue to access the shows and content available through the subscription. For reference, an AMC+ subscription costs $8.99 per month.

Source: Verizon

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