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TVision: How To Switch to YouTube TV & What to Know Before You Do


TVision and YouTube TV

TVision subscribers can get YouTube TV for just $54.99 per month, but there are some limitations and restrictions to be aware of before signing up. The option to get YouTube TV discounted through T-Mobile comes after the company decided to drop its own TVision live TV streaming plans.

T-Mobile launched its new TVision service in October, 2020. However, this was only a soft launch, considering the various live TV plans were only available to existing T-Mobile customers. A status that’s now not going to change following T-Mobile’s confirmation that its TVision Live, Live+, Live Zone and Vibe plans are coming to an end on April 29, 2021.

In replacement of the TVision Live plans, T-Mobile is now offering TVision subscribers the option to sign up to YouTube TV at a discounted rate. This is in addition to taking advantage of a 30-day free trial, which is longer than the length of time that YouTube TV typically offers for free to new subscribers.

How to sign up to YouTube TV

Signing up to YouTube TV as a TVision Live subscriber is fairly easy considering all that’s needed is a redemption link. T-Mobile is not offering the YouTube TV subscription itself, but a code that discounts the monthly cost, while also extending the free trial at the same time. Therefore, the subscription will still take place through YouTube TV directly, but using T-Mobile’s link and discount for TVision subscribers.

Existing TVision subscribers should expect to receive confirmation emails from T-Mobile on the promotion, making it easy enough to take advantage of the deal and sign up to YouTube TV at the cheaper rate. However, subscribers can also get the link by logging into their T-Mobile account online. If neither of these options are available, existing TVision subscribers can also obtain a redemption link by contacting the T-Mobile Care team.

Once the link has been received, the user then simply needs to sign up to YouTube TV as normal, provide a method of payment, and continue with the free trial. After the free trial has ended, they will be able to continue subscribing to YouTube TV at the reduced $54.99 per month price.

YouTube TV deal limitations

As is often the case with any deal, there are some limitations and restrictions with the TVision YouTube TV promotion. The most pressing one is the limited time the deal is available for. TVision subscribers have up until June 30, 2021 to redeem the promotion and activate the YouTube TV subscription.

Once signed up, another caveat is that the promotion is primarily only good for twelve months. While T-Mobile does state that the deal is for as long as the subscriber remains a T-Mobile customer, the small print specifies that they “may need to take action” after the first twelve months to continue to receive the discount. Another point to be aware of is the deal is for a $10 discount on the cost and not a price lock. Due to this, there is no guarantee that the price will remain at $54.99. If YouTube TV raises the price at any point, the cost for T-Mobile customers will also increase by the same amount, albeit with the $10 discount still applied.

As the service is provided directly by YouTube TV, besides these specific TVision limitations and restrictions, new subscribers will also be bound by the usual terms and conditions set out by Google’s live TV streaming service.

TVision YouTube TV deal summary

TVision subscribers can switch to YouTube TV and save $10 on the monthly cost of the subscription, bringing the price down to $54.99. They will also receive 30 days for free and can cancel at any time. However, to take advantage of the deal they will need to obtain a redemption link from T-Mobile, create a new account with YouTube TV, and start a subscription before the end of June, 2021.

Once the free trial comes to an end, subscribers can continue with YouTube TV and only pay $54.99 per month. By making the switch, TVision subscribers will gain access to the full YouTube TV channel lineup, an unlimited cloud DVR experience, and support for a wide range of devices. All of which will likely result in a better live TV experience than T-Mobile customers were getting with their TVision Live subscription.

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  1. Well my 12 months is up in April, and Youtube have not honored the continuing $10 discount, and T-Mobile are now saying that the discount for legacy TVision customers was never meant to be permanent. I think that their terms and conditions are very confusing though.

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