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TVision Live TV Streams: How Many Devices at the Same Time?


TVision Live devices at the same time

T-Mobile’s TVision Live allows subscribers to stream on up to three devices at the same time. However, the exact limitation depends on the device used to access the service. For example, subscribers might find that they are unable to access TVision Live on certain devices when away from home.

TVision by T-Mobile is a new live TV streaming service that is currently only available to T-Mobile and legacy Sprint customers. Offered alongside TVision Vibe, TVision Live is T-Mobile’s solution for those in need of a more robust live TV streaming package. Starting at $40 per month, TVision Live provides subscribers with a greater selection of live TV channels, as well as the option to stream on one more device at the same time than Vibe.

Typically less thought of when signing up to a new service, the number of devices that can stream on at the same time is just as important as the channel selection or the price. For example, if a service offers less simultaneous streams than a household needs, then the service is unlikely to be the right one for them. Therefore, understanding how many streams are available (before signing up) can help to avoid issues later on.

TVision Live simultaneous streams explained

TVision Live allows subscribers to stream on up to three different devices at the same time. The service is actually available in three different tiers: TVision Live TV, Live TV+, and Live Zone. While the different plans do come with an increasing number of channels, T-Mobile does not distinguish between these plans at the simultaneous streams level.

TVision Live TVLive TV+Live Zone

Irrespective of whether paying $40, $50, or $60 per month for TVision Live, subscribers can still only stream on up three devices at the same time. T-Mobile also does not currently offer an add-on or upgrade to increase the number of TVision Live TV streams included with a plan.

In spite of the increase in channels and simultaneous streams compared to Vibe, TVision Live is limited in the same way when it comes to TVs. As a result, a subscriber’s login details cannot be used to stream on a TV in another home, while a TV is being used to stream in the original home location.

Other TVision Live stream restrictions

T-Mobile allows subscribers to combine services. For example, subscribe to both Live and Vibe packages at the same time. However, what is a more likely outcome is combining TVision Live with Channels. Unlike TVision Live, TVision Channels is more of an a la carte option for those wanting to add additional networks on an individual basis.

Combining any of these packages and plans together does not increase the number of streams. TVision Live subscribers will only ever have access to three streams at the same time, regardless of what additional plans or channels they add to the package.

TVision Live Channel comparison
TVision offers different plans to choose from

In addition, the number of streams does not only relate to when watching live TV, but anything at all through TVision Live. To explain, T-Mobile considers a stream in use if a device is being used to watch live TV, on demand content, or even watching content that’s been recorded using the cloud DVR feature.

Therefore, if someone is watching a recorded show, only two more TVision Live streams will be available. Likewise, if someone is watching a recorded show, while someone else watches an on-demand movie, then only one other device can access live TV at the same time.

TVision simultaneous streams summary

TVision Live subscribers can stream on up to three devices at the same time, irrespective of whether subscribing to Live TV, Live TV+, or Live Zone. Furthermore, the service can only be accessed on multiple TVs (and possibly other living room devices) at the same time when they are located in the same home. This limitation is one stream more than what T-Mobile offers TVision Vibe subscribers.

Overall, T-Mobile’s simultaneous streams policy is fairly standard within the industry, as many other live TV streaming services typically only offer the option to stream on up to three devices at the same time. While some do offer an optional upgrade to increase the number of same-time streams, TVision does not. Therefore, three simultaneous streams is the top limit that TVision Live subscribers should expect.

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John Finn


6 responses to “TVision Live TV Streams: How Many Devices at the Same Time?”

  1. I tried Tvision and the layout, load time, and interface was great. The biggest drawback for me and the reason I canceled my subscription was that you are limited to one IP at a time. So you cant watch in two different locations at a time. I travel for my job and was unable to watch tv due to my household watching tv. I understand others do the same but you think a cell service company who has family plans would understand people are mobile and not always home. So if you have kids and they are at college they cant use this service but they can be on your family cell plan. Which has unlimited data to stream whatever you want, just not Tvision.

  2. Question. I just got tvision live. I should be able to watch on 2 televisions in the same household right?…

  3. Is another hub required for a second and third television in the home?

    1. Hi,

      If using the TVision Hub on the main TV, then yes, another will be needed for a second or third TV. This is the same for a Roku Player, Fire TV Stick, and all other streaming devices.

      However, the TVision app can be downloaded on other devices, so depending on what devices you have in the home already, you could use one of them on a second or third TV and download the app instead of buying additional TVision Hub players.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Great product but does not have CBS programs, getting rid of directv next month, how can we add CBS to our programming.

    1. Hi Lex,

      Subscribing to CBS All Access separately is an option.

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