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Tubi Reaches 78 Million Monthly Active Users And 8.5 Billion Streaming Hours


Tubi New Logo branding

Tubi had a pretty good 2023 overall. The popular free streaming service has now confirmed that the number of monthly active users grew to 78 million during the year, and that total viewing time grew 59% year over year.

Tubi had previously confirmed that the service was being used by 74 million active users. With that confirmation arriving in September 2023, it seems Tubi added around 4 million active users during the final few months of the year.

What is probably more important from Tubi’s perspective is that 59% year-over-year growth in total viewing time, as that’s a major jump and equal to 8.5 billion streaming hours in 2023. The latest data was released as part of The Stream 2024: Streaming Insights for Marketers, a survey carried out in partnership between Tubi and The Harris Poll.

Viewers love Tubi because we provide frictionless access to a massive library of content where they can experience the thrill of discovering entertainment they can’t find anywhere else,” said Cynthia Clevenger, Senior Vice President of B2B Marketing at Tubi. “Tubi’s growth reflects a broader consumer shift towards ad-supported streaming and understanding next gen audiences is critical for us to create a differentiated streaming experience. We’re proud to extend these insights to marketers, sharing how to best connect with Gen Z and Millennials.”

Citing MRI-Simmons’ November 2023 Cord Evolution Study, Tubi also pointed to how 63 percent of Tubi streamers are cord-cutters and cord-nevers. This, according to Tubi, is another indication of the free streaming service continuing “to see momentum with incremental young, diverse audiences who are not typically watching traditional TV.”

In terms of that younger and more diverse audience, and citing the same MRI study, Tubi highlighted how the platform has seen 60% growth in the 18-34 demographic, and at least 58% growth in multicultural demographics, including Latine (67%), African American (58%) and LGBT (85%). Tubi also noted that the data points to 64% year-over-year growth in female audiences as well.

Tubi recently underwent a rebrand which resulted in a new logo and UI being rolled out across its platforms. At the time, Tubi explained the new look was partly designed to appeal to young, multicultural audiences, and this latest data further helps to explain that decision.

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