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Tubi’s Free Streaming Service Attracts 25 Million Monthly Users


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Tubi now has 25 million monthly active users. The service which offers free access to TV shows and movies confirmed the new milestone during a recent press release.

Tubi today announced the last of its 2019 results confirming the number of monthly active users had climbed to 25 million in December. In fact, the company says that the last month of last year was particularly good for business as total view time “rocketed” to 163 million hours in the single month. According to Tubi, this represents a total view time year-over-year growth of 160 percent.

The growth wasn’t just resigned to the U.S. either, with Tubi explaining that during 2019 it saw a combined growth of 357 percent in Australia and Canada. The international side is expected to continue to do well in 2020 as the service expands to new regions, including Mexico and the UK. Tubi also added that on the back of the 2019 growth, the company expects to expand its workforce and its content library throughout this year.

Monthly Tubi users highlight the benefits of AVOD

Tubi is one of the few services that has opted to rely entirely on the AVOD monetization approach. Although this is a less-frequently employed strategy compared to SVOD, the AVOD market has been picking up steam in recent months. To the point where many larger brands are now starting to invest more heavily in the AVOD model as well. The most recent of these is NBC who has confirmed the upcoming Peacock streaming services will offer a free, ad-supported plan for those who do not want to pay for a monthly subscription.

One of the major benefits of companies opting for a free access approach is that they are less likely to end up in a bidding war with other services over subscriber dollars. With no financial investment expected by the user, AVOD services such as Tubi can be used to complement existing and paid-for subscriptions. With the rise of so-called subscriber fatigue, offering free access puts AVOD services in a prime position to be downloaded, and remain downloaded on devices.

Unlike other AVOD services, Tubi requires almost no effort on the part of the user. Not only does it come with wide device support, but a free account is not even needed to start streaming, let alone an actual paid subscription.

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