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TiVo Launches TiVo Broadband, A Turnkey Streaming Platform For Broadband Companies


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Xperia’s TiVo has officially launched TiVo Broadband, a turnkey streaming solution specifically designed for broadband operators and ISPs to provide their own streaming platform to broadband-only subscribers.

While those that don’t rely on a broadband company for their TV have a choice of devices to pick from, some may still prefer to have a device offered by the same company. This is where TiVo Broadband can help by providing the software side of the equation, or a fully managed product through the use of Evolution Digital’s Evo Force 1 set-top box and Fuse 4K stick.

Built on the same software powering its own platform, companies will be able to use TiVo Broadband as a way to deliver an all-in, low-cost streaming platform to broadband-only customers. From TiVo’s perspective, Tivo Broadband puts the company’s platform in front of more people, even if it is branded under a different name.

Along with the ability for these companies to deploy a platform with access to popular streaming apps, TiVo Broadband will also include TiVo+’s free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channels, as well as customer-specific linear channels.

Here’s an overview of some of the key features and benefits, according to Xperia:

  • Engaging User Interface: Provides customers with a visually-rich interface, designed to enhance personalized content recommendations, user engagement, and reduced churn.
  • Enhanced Streaming Experience: Allows end-users to access their entire library of streaming apps seamlessly through TiVo’s platform, providing a unified and convenient streaming experience.
  • TiVo+ Integration: Includes TiVo+, which offers content curated from over 800 free ad-supported channels integrated within the content-centric user interface and electronic program guide.
  • Content Flexibility: Enables specific operator-driven content and linear channels.
  • Seamless Integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing broadband infrastructure, enabling quick deployment without major infrastructure overhauls and backed by TiVo’s technology, ensuring high-quality, scalable and reliable content delivery.
  • Easy Deployment: Can be effortlessly implemented by operators as a turnkey solution without the complexity often associated with traditional solutions and ecosystem development.

With this being designed as an all–in-one solution, it is expected to be more targeted towards smaller companies looking to offer some form of a TV streaming product to its broadband customers without having to invest heavily in creating its own in-house solution.

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