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Tennis Channel Plus Not The Same As Tennis Channel: How They Are Different


Tennis Channel vs Channel Plus

Tennis Channel Plus can be a useful subscription service for anyone looking to add additional tennis coverage to their home streaming setup. However, there are some caveats with Tennis Channel Plus that might not make it a worthwhile addition for some households. This is particularly true for any homes that are looking for an alternative to the Tennis Channel.

There are now a number of subscriptions for consumers to choose from. In some cases, there are services like HBO Max and Netflix that are all-inclusive in the sense that nothing else is needed to unlock all of the content from a channel or network. In other cases, some standalone subscription services like Peacock act as complementary services that provide additional access to a channel or network. This is also the major difference between Tennis Channel Plus and the Tennis Channel.

Tennis Channel Plus provides subscribers with access to a variety of tennis-based content throughout the year, including live and on-demand tennis matches for Indian Wells and Roland Garros among other tournaments. In total, Tennis Channel Plus promises to offer streaming access to more than 4,500 live and on-demand matches from over 100 ATP and WTA events. A standard Tennis Channel Plus subscription currently costs $109.99 per year. At present, there is no option to sign up to Tennis Channel Plus on a monthly basis, making the annual subscription the only option open to consumers.

Tennis Channel Plus is not a replacement for Tennis Channel

To be clear, Tennis Channel Plus is not going to be a replacement for the actual Tennis Channel. Like many other plus services, Tennis Channel Plus is designed to be a service that makes it possible to access some Tennis content without the need for a live TV subscription. However, the exact degree of live tennis action will vary. Not all tournaments are included with a subscription, and even if a tournament is available, many individual matches might not be.

At the same time, the standard Tennis Channel is not going to be a replacement for a Tennis Channel Plus subscription either. In some cases, matches available to watch live through Channel Plus might not be available to watch through the standard channel. Adding to that, not all of the replays, classic matches, and on-demand content available to watch with Tennis Channel Plus will be available with a standard Tennis Channel subscription.

In reality, with these being separate services that are designed to complement each other, the only real way to guarantee access to all of the live matches as they happen is to subscribe to a live TV plan that includes the Tennis Channel, in addition to paying for a separate Tennis Channel Plus subscription. While this might not sound all that appealing to tennis fans, it is a surefire way to gain access to as many live matches and on-demand content as possible.

Different services, but the same app

Regardless of whether signed up to a live TV plan with access to the Tennis Channel or a standalone Tennis Channel Plus subscription, the live and on-demand videos can be accessed through the same Tennis Channel website and platform apps. With the services using the same apps, Plus subscribers might think they have access to all of the matches listed in the app, but that’s not the case. Instead, each listing will show a small ‘Tennis Channel’ or ‘Plus’ logo in the corner indicating whether a Tennis Channel or Tennis Channel Plus subscription, respectively, is required to watch.

When accessing through the website or one of the apps for the first time, Tennis Channel Plus subscribers can click on the ‘Subscriptions Sign In’ option and then enter their email address and password to gain access. Those with a live TV subscription that includes Tennis channel will need to use the ‘TV Provider Sign In’ option, select their live TV provider from the list, and then sign in to their live TV service to authenticate the subscription and gain access to Tennis Channel.

Considering these two different subscriptions are both accessed through the same website and apps, this also means they come with exactly the same device support. This includes the option of watching through the website on a PC or Mac, or downloading the app on an iOS or Android smartphone. Device support also extends to Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku. Notably absent from the list of supported devices is Android TV.

Tennis Channel vs Plus summary

Tennis Channel and Tennis Channel Plus are similar services but they are not the same. Both offer an extensive level of access to Tennis coverage throughout the year and require paid subscriptions. Both services are also accessed through the same website and apps, which means both also come with the same device support and limitations. Where they differ is mainly in terms of the content and price.

While the Tennis Channel is a linear TV channel with access to some on-demand content, Tennis Channel Plus is primarily an on-demand service with access to some live content. There is also a difference in the type of subscription considering Tennis Channel requires a live TV subscription which is typically paid monthly, while Tennis Channel Plus requires an annual subscription. How much Tennis Channel costs will depend on the live TV provider and plan chosen, but the yearly Tennis Channel Plus subscription is charged at $109.99.

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  2. Which should I choose if I would like to get as many live WTA games vs ATP?
    Thanks for a great article on an otherwise impenetrable subject.

  3. excellent information I have been searching for, for days. thank you

    1. This article neglects to address the technology deficits of TCPlus–you can’t record matches, there is no onscreen captioning, and the commentators apparently have no speech training whatever. It’s almost always impossible to understand what they are saying if there are commentators at all. Switching from TC Plus to TC is a nightmare thanks to TC login challenges on the platform where TCPlus is available.

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