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TBS On YouTube TV: How Much It Costs And What You Get


TBS on YouTube TV

The base YouTube TV plan includes access to TBS at no additional cost. In addition to access to the live TBS channel, YouTube TV also includes plenty of on-demand TBS content and even TV Everywhere support. Although other live TV streaming services also carry TBS, some homes may find the general package on offer with YouTube TV is a better fit for their needs.

The standard YouTube TV subscription currently costs $64.99 per month, making it one of the more expensive live TV streaming services around. Still, the base plan does unlock access to more than 85 channels and even some local channels. The $65 price also includes an unlimited cloud DVR and the option to share a subscription with up to 5 other people. All in all, YouTube TV offers good value overall.

For fans of TBS, YouTube TV offers even better value considering the channel is included in the base plan. As a result, subscribers don’t have to pay anything extra to watch TBS and any homes currently considering signing up to YouTube TV won’t need to worry about adding any extras or add-ons to gain access to the channel. What’s more, YouTube TV subscribers also get access to a wide selection of on-demand TBS videos that are available to watch at any time.

Another important point to take into consideration is TV Everywhere support. Live TV services that offer TV Everywhere support make it possible for subscribers to use their live TV account details to log in to network websites and apps. Considering YouTube TV’s TV Everywhere support includes TBS, subscribers can simply head over to the TBS website, select Live TV from the menu (or choose from one of the many on-demand shows and movies), log in with their existing YouTube TV credentials, and start watching.

Cheaper ways to watch TBS

While YouTube TV is a really good way to watch TBS, it is not the cheapest overall. That honor currently goes to Sling TV. With plans starting at just $35 per month, it will be hard to find a cheaper way to watch TBS than Sling TV. In fact, Sling offers two main plans – Sling Orange and Sling Blue – and although the channel lineups are different, TBS is included with both plans. However, unlike YouTube TV, Sling TV’s TV Everywhere support doesn’t currently include TBS, so that’s something to take into consideration.

Unfortunately for those shopping around for a live TV streaming service, Sling TV is the only option that’s cheaper than YouTube TV for TBS. Hulu Live TV does also include TBS in its base subscription, but with the price starting at $69.99 per month, it is expensive when compared to YouTube TV. Then again, Hulu Live TV does now include basic Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN subscriptions as well. If a home is already paying for one or more of these additional subscriptions, they may find that their overall monthly bill is lowered by opting for Hulu Live TV.

For reference, another mainstream live TV streaming service that currently includes TBS in its channel lineup is DirecTV Stream. Similar to Hulu Live TV, however, the cheapest DirecTV Stream plan starts at $69.99 per month making it a more expensive option than YouTube TV. At the same time, the DirecTV Stream and YouTube TV channel lineups do vary, so some homes may find it is worth paying the extra $5 per month to get access to DirecTV Stream’s selection of channels.

TBS on YouTube TV summary

Overall, YouTube TV is a really good option for watching TBS over the internet and without a cable or satellite package. Even though it is not the cheapest option, there are no additional fees or extras to pay for access to TBS. In addition, YouTube TV offers good general support for TBS. For example, not only can subscribers watch the live TBS channel or any of the available on-demand TBS shows and movies, but they can also use their account details to access the TBS website and apps. To put this last point into perspective, while Sling TV is a cheaper option for TBS, it doesn’t currently offer TV Everywhere support for the channel, limiting access to within Sling.

With YouTube TV’s unlimited approach to DVR, subscribers are also free to record as many TBS shows, movies, and sports events as they like. Although, it is worth keeping in mind that YouTube TV only stores recordings for up to nine months, so all of those TBS recordings will need to have been watched by then.

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