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T-Mobile Customers Can Now Redeem A Free Year Of ViX Plus


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A free ViX Plus subscription is now available to redeem by eligible T-Mobile customers. The popular carrier had already confirmed that customers on a qualifying plan would be able to take advantage of a free subscription, but hadn’t provided a firm date on exactly when the promotion would go live. That’s now changed.

ViX Plus first launched in the United States in late July, making it one of the newer streaming services to hit the market. A standard subscription costs $6.99 per month and provides ad-free access to a wide variety of Spanish-language content, including live sports. At the time the premium subscription was announced, T-Mobile confirmed that it was planning to offer eligible customers a free ViX Plus subscription for one year.

T-Mobile previously confirmed that the free ViX Plus offer would become available around mid-August, and that’s now exactly what has happened. Technically, the change was made on August 11, so anyone who is signed up to an eligible T-Mobile plan can now redeem a free year of ViX Plus if they want. For reference, the promotion is not just for T-Mobile customers, but also eligible Sprint and Metro by T-Mobile customers on a qualifying plan. It is also worth noting that eligible plans not only include postpaid wireless plans, but also Home Internet plans as well.

For those interested in redeeming a free year of ViX Plus, the process is not any different to how T-Mobile processes other promotions, including Apple TV Plus. Simply head over to the T-Mobile Promotions website, sign in using the customer’s phone number (or the assigned billing phone number for Home Internet customers) and apply for the deal. Once eligibility is confirmed, the customer will receive a code that they can then use to redeem the free subscription through the ViX Plus website.

As is often the case with these free subscription promotions, ViX Plus through T-Mobile is limited to just the first year. Once the promotional period has come to an end, the subscription will automatically renew at the full rate unless canceled before then.

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