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T-Mobile Customers Can Now Redeem A Free Hulu Subscription — Here’s How


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Eligible T-Mobile customers can now activate their free Hulu (With Ads) subscription. While the latest streaming service perk was announced by the un-carrier earlier this month, it only officially became available to redeem from today (Jan. 24).

The free Hulu benefit is only available to those signed up to a Go5G Next plan. As a result, existing customers will need to make sure they are signed up to the right plan before heading over to T-Mobile’s Hulu on Us page to redeem the offer.

The redemption process includes signing in with a T-Mobile account, confirming eligibility, and then following the instructions to sign up for a complimentary Hulu subscription.

How to redeem a free Hulu subscription:

  1. Visit the promotional website
  2. On Start a new submission page, enter your T-Mobile phone number.
  3. Log in with your T-Mobile ID.
  4. Click Continue when the promotion page is displayed.
  5. Click Redeem Here when the Thanks Page with next steps is displayed.

After completing the last step, the T-Mobile customer will be redirected to a Hulu landing page to redeem the offer. They will then need to create a Hulu account (or sign in) to start the subscription. Even though this is a complimentary subscription, Hulu still requires new accounts to provide payment details.

Once redeemed and Hulu account created, the T-Mobile customer will receive complimentary access to the Hulu (With Ads) plan. Considering this plan normally costs $7.99 a month, the free subscription equates to a saving of $95.88 over the course of a full year.

The Hulu (With Ads) plan is an ad-supported plan so new subscribers should expect to sit through ads before and during content. However, the Hulu (With Ads) plan does unlock access to the full Hulu catalog, including all of the new movies and shows that are added each month, and also Hulu Originals.

Existing Hulu subscribers who want to redeem the free subscription with the same Hulu account will first need to cancel their existing Hulu subscription and wait for the current billing cycle to end. Once they no longer have access to Hulu, they can then head over to the promotional page and redeem their complimentary subscription.

It is worth noting that T-Mobile does require existing customers to manually take action to continue receiving the free Hulu benefit after the first 12 months. For those that don’t manually reactivate the benefit, they will automatically be charged the monthly price of Hulu, currently $7.99 a month.

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