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Get Starz, Showtime or Epix for Just $0.99 with Prime Day Deals


Starz, Showtime, Epix Prime Day

Amazon Prime members can currently subscribe to Starz, Showtime or Epix channels for just $0.99 per month for the first two months. This is only one of the many deals Amazon is currently running as part of its annual Prime Day celebrations.

Amazon offers Prime Video users the option to subscribe to various premium subscriptions. This Prime Video Channels feature makes it easier for consumers to subscribe without having to manage multiple payments to different services. Instead, Amazon bills the user and takes care of the payment, making things simpler and easier.

For those looking for a deal on a Starz, Showtime, or Epix subscription, Amazon is currently offering the option to subscribe and pay less than one dollar each month. To put the deal into perspective, $1.98 for two months is quite the saving compared to the $17.98 consumers would have to pay normally for the two months, and a better Starz deal than Hulu was recently offering. Likewise, the savings are even greater for Showtime, considering its subscription normally costs $10.99 per month. In contrast, an Epix subscription typically costs $5.99 per month, resulting in the least savings overall.

It is also worth noting Amazon’s Prime Day streaming deals don’t only extend to Starz, Showtime and Epix, but many other streaming services as well. Subscriptions to Noggin, PBS Masterpiece, PBS Documentaries, History Vault, Sundance Now, A&E Crime Central, Motortrend, Up Faith & Family, Pantaya, UMC, Lifetime Movie Club, and Moviesphere all also $0.99 per month for the first two months.

Caveats with Amazon’s $0.99 streaming deals

As to be expected, there are caveats with these deals and the most important one to be aware of right now is they are super time-sensitive deals. With these discounts offered as part of Amazon’s Prime Day, the $0.99 cent subscriptions are only available through October 14. So, consumers do only have the next couple of days to secure any of the subscriptions at the lower rate.

Another important caveat to be aware of is that these subscriptions will automatically renew unless the subscriber manually cancels before the end of the two months. In other words, once the mid-December date rolls around, consumers will automatically be shifted to the higher and non-discounted rates, making the cancel date all the more important to be aware of.

This is particularly true for any consumers who might be considering taking advantage of multiple subscriptions at the discounted rate. For example, if subscribing to Starz, Showtime and Epix, consumers will end up paying $25.97 for the three subscriptions, instead of the $2.97 they were paying during each of the two months before.

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