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How Much Is Starz? Monthly Subscription Price And Options


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A standard Starz subscription costs $8.99 per month but there are various ways to sign up to the service and this can affect the overall monthly price. Not to mention, Starz routinely offers discounts, deals and promotions which typically reduce the cost, albeit only for a limited time. As a result, the actual price of a Starz subscription will often depend on how and when someone signs up to the streaming service.

Starz is only one of many premium subscription services that consumers can sign up for today. Starz provides access to a collection of shows and movies, like many other services, including its own exclusive programing. Some of the more popular shows available to watch through Starz include American Gods, Power, Outlander, and Hightown. Movies tend to rotate over time, but Starz typically provides access to a variety of theatrically released titles.

The easiest and quickest way to sign up to Starz is directly. The standard price of a Starz subscription is $8.99 per month and consumers can sign up through the Starz website. Unlike a number of other services, Starz doesn’t offer more than one plan option. In other words, there are no with or without ads choices to make. All standard subscriptions are priced at $8.99 per month, are ad-free, and subscribers get access to all the same benefits. Starz also doesn’t actively offer an annual plan throughout the year, but they do occasionally become available at a cheaper rate. For example, Starz has previously offered the option to sign up on a yearly basis for $74.99 per year which brings the cost down to around $6.25 per month.

The website is not the only way to sign up to the service with Starz also available through multiple live TV providers and other third-party services. To name a few, Amazon Prime Video Channels, The Roku Channel, Hulu and YouTube TV all offer Starz as a premium subscription. Again, the price through many of these third-party providers will be around $8.99 per month, but these providers do also offer their own exclusive deals, bundles, and promotions throughout the year which can bring the cost of a subscription down. For example, Prime Video Channels has previously offered Starz subscriptions for as little as 99 cents per month. Due to this, subscribers to other services may want to check their account to see if Starz is available, and whether the subscription can be locked in at a cheaper price.

Subscription length can affect Starz price

There are also ways to save on the cost of Starz by taking advantage of a limited time promotion. While it remains unclear when the next deal or promotion will be offered, Starz does routinely offer discounts. Examples of some of the recent promotions that have been available include the ability to sign up for $5 per month for their first three months and the ability to pay $20 for a six-month subscription. While it’s never clear when the next deal is about to go live, the Starz website is a good place to start. Whenever a deal is available directly through Starz, it is normally advertised along with a “Claim Special Offer” button replacing the usual ‘Sign up’ button.

Even though these deals tend to be for a limited duration —typically three or six months— they can also affect the normal price a subscriber pays after the promotion has come to an end. As an example, the $20 for six month deal auto-renewed at $43.99 every six months. Even though this is significantly higher rate than what the subscriber signed up at, the six-month cost of Starz breaks down to around $7.33 per month, which is still cheaper than the usual monthly rate. In contrast, the $5 per month deal automatically renewed at the standard $8.99 per month rate. In general, the longer a consumer is willing to commit to, the lower the cost of a Starz subscription usually is. The service nearly always renews on the basis by which the consumer signs up, so those looking to save the most will want to sign up and pay for a longer period of time.

There are also additional ways to save when subscribing to Starz directly, and especially when it comes to those who have previously had a subscription. Starz routinely emails previous subscribers with various deals to come back to the service again. Even without an email, previous subscribers can always check this Starz page to see if any new promotions are currently available to returning customers. Again, these discounts will only apply for a limited time and the subscription will auto-renew unless canceled before the end of the promotional period. Alternatively, logging in to the Starz website with a previous account can reveal additional deals and discounts. For example, right now Starz is offering the option to sign up monthly at the $8.99 per month rate or pay $23.99 for a three-month subscription. Although a smaller discount, this appears to be one that can be renewed at the same rate every three months, which works out to be around $7.99 per month.

Starz price and options summary

Starz costs $8.99 per month, but the price can be affected by when and how a consumer signs up to the service. Generally speaking, consumers should never expect to pay more than $8.99 per month (unless a price increase happens), but they might often find they are able to sign up at a cheaper rate than the standard advertised price. Starz itself routinely offers various deals that either decrease the monthly amount for a select number of months or costs less per month when paying for multiple months in advance. Occasionally, Starz will also offer a cheaper returning rate to customers who previously had a Starz subscription.

In addition to signing up through the Starz website or one of its many platform apps, consumers will also find that multiple live TV providers and third-party services also offer access to Starz, including Amazon Prime Video Channels, The Roku Channel, Hulu and YouTube TV. Again, the price tends to be around the $8.99 marker, but these services also tend to routinely offer limited time deals and discounts or the option to bundle premium subscriptions together, including Starz.

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