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Starz App Is Now Available On Vizio Smart TVs


Starz vizio TV

The Starz app is now available on Vizio smart TVs, removing the need for owners to use an additional streaming device to access the subscription service. Like many TV manufacturers, Vizio’s lineup of smart TVs uses the company’s own SmartCast operating system. While this approach can have some benefits including offering consumers a more tailored user experience, support for apps can sometimes be an issue.

This is a problem that Vizio is clearly aware of and has been looking to fix in recent times. Over the past year alone, Vizio TVs have gained access to Discovery Plus, HBO Max, and Apple TV Plus on the subscription side of things, as well as Sling TV and fuboTV on the live TV streaming side. Even more recently, Vizio TVs gained access to dedicated Amazon Music and TikTok apps.

Adding to that ever-growing list of supported apps is Starz. From today, Vizio smart TV owners can directly access Starz on their TV without the need for any other device. As is typical of the Vizio TV experience, there’s nothing for the user to do and no app to download on the TV. Instead, the Starz app is being automatically added by Vizio and can be found displayed in the app row of the SmartCast Home screen along with all of the other currently supported apps.

Of course, Starz is not a free app so having access to the app is a start but consumers will still need to sign up for a subscription through the Starz website or directly through the app. The standard price of Starz is $8.99 per month but the streaming service does often run various promotions and deals which can lower the cost and especially during the initial months of a subscription. For any existing Starz subscribers with a Vizio smart TV, they can simply open the app and sign in with their Starz account details.

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