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‘Spitting Image’ Returns This Year with Fresh Faces, Thanks to BritBox


Spitting Image Trump

BritBox has commissioned a new run of ‘Spitting Image’ that will see the iconic show become available to international audiences, including those in the US.

The satirical puppet show first aired in the 1980s and remained on screens routinely through most of the 90s, although its final episode was in 2014. However, the show has now been confirmed as returning with a look and lineup to reflect the modern era.

Avalon, the production company behind the show has now confirmed two seasons will be exclusively available through BritBox – the streaming service jointly created by the BBC and ITV. With the new version set to chime with modern events and times, it will feature many recognizable faces of today including Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Donald Trump. As well as Bernie Sanders, Adele, and Vladimir Putin.

Spitting Image could be a major show for BritBox

While it is not surprising that a UK streaming service that’s attracting plenty of international subscribers has obtained the rights for the new version, it is the service’s first original commission in the UK. That’s unlikely to be a coincidence, but something the streaming service recognizes as an important and major play.

Spitting Image has always offered a humorous getaway from the realities of the world, and right now that’s likely to be something many find appealing. While it is also not new for the show to poke fun at international faces, again, in today’s modern world where access to the show will only be a free trial away, the inclusion of controversial and divisive international personalities, is likely to further appeal to new and existing subscribers.

With the world getting smaller and more turbulent, the time couldn’t be more appropriate for an iconic British satirical take on global events.


Similar to the approach taken by late-night TV in the US, each new Spitting Image episode will aim to be as topical as possible, with puppets and scripts created close to delivery of each episode.

The first season of the Spitting Image revamp is due to go live via BritBox in the autumn, with the second series already confirmed for release in 2021. BritBox can be accessed on a variety of streaming platforms and devices, with a US subscription costing $6.99 per month.

Source: Avalon

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