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Vizio SmartCast Users Can Now Watch Sling TV On Their TV


Sling TV Vizio SmartCast

Sling TV is the latest app to arrive on SmartCast TVs, providing owners of a Vizio smart TV with another option for streaming live TV channels over the internet. Over the past year, the SmartCast platform has greatly expanded its app support, with new live TV and on-demand streaming services arriving on a regular basis.

Last year saw both Discovery+ and HBO Max being added to the SmartCast platform, adding more on-demand options for users. Towards the end of 2021, fuboTV also arrived on the SmartCast scene. With fuboTV placing a great deal of focus on live sports, the arrival of the live TV streaming service made it possible for Vizio smart TV users to directly watch fuboTV without the need for an additional device, such as a streaming player. The same benefit has now been extended to Sling TV.

Both Vizio and Sling have confirmed the arrival of the Sling TV app on the SmartCast platform. With Sling TV being a much cheaper live TV solution than fuboTV (and many others), Vizio smart TV owners can now watch live TV channels at a more affordable price point. While Sling TV’s plans are not quite as cheap as Philo’s, Vizio TVs have yet to be added to Philo’s supported device list.

With Sling TV already a highly popular live TV service in the US, this also means that the newly added support will make it possible for many existing subscribers to watch directly on their TV without having to use any additional devices. They can simply open the Vizio SmartCast app, sign in with their existing Sling TV account username and password, and start streaming.

For those new to Sling TV, plans start at $35 per month. In fact, Sling offers two main plans and both start at the same price, so consumers only need to decide which of the two channel lineups best suit their needs. In addition to watching live, Sling TV also opens up access to a wide selection of on-demand videos as well. When signing up through the SmartCast platform, new customers also have the added benefit (for a limited time) of taking advantage of a three-day free trial. This can be a good way to make sure Sling TV is the right service before having to actually pay.

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