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You Can Now Try Sling TV Free for Two Weeks (No Credit Card Needed)


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If you’re not currently a Sling TV subscriber, now might be the time to change that. Sling is now offering two-weeks free access and all without having to provide a method of payment.

Signing up to a streaming service is easy to do and most of them will offer you a free trial. While some free trials are better or last longer than others, they all tend to require the user to provide some payment info when signing up. This can be a hassle if you don’t know if you’re going to stick with the service.

Sling TV does typically also require the user to provide payment details first. However, and as a means to help people quarantined at home due to coronavirus, Sling has currently removed the payment portion from the sign up process. This is along with offering 14-days of access for free.

Essentially, Sling has opened up its Sling Blue package here which means consumers can expect access to more than 45 live TV channels and 1000s of on-demand movies and shows. In addition, the ability to watch on up to three screens at the same time, as well as 10 hours of cloud DVR.

Another Stay in & Sling addition

Earlier in the month, Sling announced a new “Stay in and Sling” campaign designed to highlight the benefits of Sling TV while consumers remained at home. At first, it remained to be seen whether this campaign would include anything new, although the service has certainly been adding features and benefits that do make staying at home and Slinging worth it.

Arguably, this is the most useful of the Stay in and Sling benefits so far, as two-weeks worth of free live TV access is not something to ignore. Even more so now that the credit card limitation has been removed. Users still need to provide an email address as that’s needed to log in and access your own individual account. However, an email is a small price to pay and especially considering you can choose which email address you use.

In fact, there’s nothing stopping users from creating a new email address to use for the two-week access and this will allow those worried about handing over information, to further limit the personal details they share with Sling TV.

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