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Sling TV Launches “Stay in & Sling” to Help with Coronavirus but Unclear What’s New


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Sling TV has now launched a new “Stay in & Sling” experience to offer access to some free content to those stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Sling TV already offers a free experience where consumers can access select content without the need for a subscription or even a free account. While the service appears to be positioning this as an expansion of the free tier, it remains to be seen what exactly is available that wasn’t before.

For example, the press release points to how Americans can access live news for free thanks to the availability of the ABC News Live channel. However, this was already available through Sling TV for free, considering the channel was added to the Sling Free experience back at the start of February. Regardless of what’s new, Sling says consumers at home can stream “thousands of shows and movies for the whole family” for free.

How to access free Sling content in general

While it remains to be seen how much new content has been added here, as mentioned, Sling does already offer a free experience to those who want it. One of the major selling points with this side of Sling TV is that no account or subscription is needed.

Instead, users can simply download the Sling TV app on a compatible platform, open the app, and then use the service in guest mode. While in this mode, the interface will highlight many of the shows and movies (or live channels, where applicable) that can be accessed for free, making them easy to find and take advantage of.

It is worth remembering that the Sling Free experience is only one of many free services that consumers can make use of during the COVID-19 outbreak. Others that are worth taking a closer look at for live TV channels include Xumo and Pluto TV. Then there’s also Tubi. This latter one was recently purchased by Fox, and is a service that offers access to a wide range of TV shows and movies for free.

Similar to Sling Free, Xumo, Pluto TV and Tubi also don’t require an active subscription, and in most cases, not even a free account. Although it can be beneficial to sign up for a free account to some services as they open up additional features such as a watch list – something else that will come in handy if you plan to use these services more as the coronavirus outbreak continues.

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