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Sling TV Had Technical Issues Today, But Is Working Again Now


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Sling TV encountered some technical difficulties today with many subscribers unable to access the service and watch live TV. Although the problem remained in effect for a couple of hours, it has since been fixed, according to Sling.

Sling TV is one of the more popular live TV streaming services. Along with Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV, Sling TV currently delivers live TV over the internet to millions of users. As a result, any downtime in the service has the potential to impact on live TV access in a significant number of homes.

Earlier today, subscribers started taking to social media to report that Sling TV was down for them. As the number of user reports increased, Sling TV sent out messages on social media confirming there was an issue and that the technical team were working on a solution.

The problem appeared to have begun shortly before 11 AM (PDT) and remained in effect for a couple of hours, with the company confirming around 2:20 PM (PDT) that the problem had been fixed and subscribers were once again able to stream live TV. For any subscribers that are still experiencing an issue, Sling advises closing and restarting the app.

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Sling TV has yet to officially explain what the issue was other than stating it had experienced a “service outage.” However, a number of users did share details on social media, confirming the type of problems they were facing. Most commonly, subscribers were able to open the app and launch the interface, but none of the channels would load. Some were facing an issue where the live TV guide listings were replaced with a “Data currently unavailable. Please check back later” message. In other cases, users were simply provided with an “Error 4-402” message when attempting to watch. The problem was also not device or location-specific, with many users encountering the same issues on different devices and in different parts of the U.S.

As mentioned, Sling TV reports the issue is now fixed, so users should be able to access live TV again. This appears to also be confirmed at the user level, with more recent social media posts also confirming the return of Sling TV app functionality on multiple devices and in multiple locations. Again, for anyone still encountering an issue, it might be worth closing and restarting the Sling TV app.

Source: Sling (Twitter)

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