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Sling TV Plans Increase by $5 & Now Start at $35 Per Month


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Sling TV live TV plans now start at $35 per month, following a $5 price increase. In addition to the higher cost for the base subscriptions, various Sling TV add-ons have also increased by around $1 each. The changes take effect immediately for new customers while existing subscribers will see them applied later in the year.

In recent times, price increases have become a major issue for consumers looking to stream live TV over the internet. fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV have all been the subject of recent price hikes, with all three services now costing around $65 for a base subscription. With Sling TV now having seen its own price rise, it still remains one of the more affordable options for live TV streaming.

Sling Orange and Sling Blue subscriptions now both cost $35 per month for new subscribers. Those opting for the combined Sling Orange & Blue will pay $50 per month, also $5 more than it was previously. Sling TV’s Group President Michael Schwimmer said “the television networks keep charging us more” when explaining the reason for the latest price increase.

Besides the base plan, Sling’s various add-ons are also seeing a price increase as well. Generally speaking, the average increase for each of the add-on is around $1, although the new price varies depending on the add-on.

Sling TV add-on price increases:

  • Sports Extra now $11 per month ($1 per month increase)
  • Comedy Extra now $6 per month ($1 per month increase)
  • Kids Extra now $6 per month ($1 per month increase)
  • News Extra now $6 per month ($1 per month increase)
  • Lifestyle Extra now $6 per month ($1 per month increase)
  • Hollywood Extra now $6 per month ($1 per month increase)
  • Heartland Extra now $6 per month ($1 per month increase)
  • Total TV Deal now $21 per month for Sling Orange or Blue subscribers ($1 per month increase) or $27 per month for Orange & Blue subscribers ($2 per month increase)

How the price increase affects existing subscribers

Right now, existing subscribers don’t have to worry about the price increase, although that will change later in the year. In 2020, and following price increases to the other main services, Sling TV issued a price guarantee. This locked all existing subscribers to their current pricing for one year. That guarantee now applies and covers existing subscribers for the next few months.

Sling TV’s one-year price guarantee remains in effect up until July 2021 at which point existing Sling TV subscribers can expect the new increased rates to apply to their subscription as well. The exact date following the guarantee expiration will depend on the subscriber’s billing cycle. In addition, Sling TV subscribers will need to remain subscribed through July 2021 to ensure their price doesn’t go up in the meantime. For example, canceling a Sling TV subscription now and then attempting to restart it again in a month or two will result in the consumer paying the new and higher Sling TV rates.

Source: Sling TV

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