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Sling TV Orange & Blue Plans Now Just $10 for the First Month


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New customers can currently pay just $10 for the first month of a Sling TV subscription. At $25 less than the normal subscription cost, this Sling TV deal is a good way to test out the service and see if it right before having to pay the full monthly price. Alternatively. Sling TV is also currently offering the option to watch a number of premium channels for free over the next few days.

Sling TV is a popular option for those looking for an affordable live TV streaming service. Although the price of a new subscription recently increased by $5 per month, Sling TV’s plans still start at $35 per month, almost half the cost of Hulu Live TV or YouTube TV. There are two main Sling TV plans to choose from and while both come with different channel lineups, they both cost $35 per month, with the option to subscribe to a combined Sling Orange + Blue plan for $50 per month.

Now, Sling TV is offering new customers the option to subscribe to either Sling Orange or Sling Blue and only pay $10 for the first month. If the new subscriber does not cancel Sling TV before the end of the first discounted month, the subscription will automatically revert to the normal and higher monthly rate.

Other than the automatic conversion to a full monthly paid subscription, there are no major caveats to be aware of. The $10 promotion is simply a way to test out Sling TV at a highly discounted rate, with unlimited access to the chosen plan’s full channel lineup, selection of on demand content, and 50 hours of cloud DVR.

Watch Sling TV for free instead

Regardless of whether taking advantage of the discounted first month, Sling is also now offering the option to watch a selection of live channels, including Showtime for free. Besides Showtime, the Sling Fling promotion includes access to more than 100 live channels from the Sling Orange, Blue and the 4 Extras add-on.

To watch ‘Sling Fling’ for free, consumers can simply access Sling TV between 5pm ET and midnight each day and stream any of the channels included in the promotion. The Sling Fling free access will remain available up until Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021.

This is not the first time Sling TV has offered a free access period like this, with the last one offered in March of 2020 and providing access for up to two weeks for free. Although this promotion is not quite as long, it can be a good way for consumers to check whether Sling offers enough of the channels and the type of experience they are looking for without having to pay anything. In fact, Sling Fling does not even require the user to add any payment details, making it a no-risk option.

In contrast, the $10 discounted Sling Orange or Blue plan will require the user to enter payment details and make the first monthly payment when signing up.

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