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Reminder: Sling TV’s 1-Year Price Guarantee Ends August 1


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Consider this is a friendly reminder that Sling TV’s one-year price guarantee is due to come to an end on August 1, 2021. Once August rolls around, all those that have managed to avoid the most recent price increase will be required to pay the current higher rate. Sling TV is likely to reach out and email affected users, but it is worth being aware of the upcoming change in the meantime.

Sling TV has always positioned itself as the affordable live TV streaming service, and that claim is mostly true. Although it might offer less channels or features than some other services, it is still much cheaper than AT&T, fubo, Hulu and YouTube’s solutions. That said, even the price of the affordable live TV streaming service has been on the rise.

While Sling TV first launched at just $20 per month, it has encountered multiple price increases over the years. Typically, these have only been $5 hikes each time with the most recent having taken effect in January of this year. However, the price increase to $35 per month was only for new customers signing up to either the Sling Blue or Sling orange plans. Months before the price increase was even announced, Sling TV confirmed it was implementing a price lock for all existing subscribers.

Essentially, Sling was guaranteeing that anyone who signed up for a subscription by August, 1, 2020 would have their current price locked in place for one year. The timing of the original announcement came only days after YouTube TV increased the price to $64.99 per month and fuboTV increased its price to $59.99 per month. With August 1 now approaching, the price lock is due to come to an end in the next few weeks.

Sling TV still remains an affordable option

Even though the price will be rising for existing subscribers in the next few weeks, Sling TV still remains an affordable option overall. So long as one of the two main plans has the channels an individual or household needs, it is likely to be a cheaper solution than many of the other major services. The one exception here is Philo. However, even Philo raised its price recently, with new subscribers now expected to pay $25 per month. Those who had signed up to Philo before the June 8 price increase remain locked in at the cheaper $20 monthly rate.

For reference, while the price guarantee ends on August 1, that doesn’t automatically mean the price will change for all existing subscribers on that date. As per usual, the increase is related to the individual’s billing cycle, so subscribers can expect the higher monthly cost to kick in whenever their bill is scheduled for after August 1. For those already paying the current $35 per month Sling TV cost, this is one price increase you won’t have to worry about.

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