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How to Watch Sling TV on a MacBook


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There’s no Sling TV app available to download on a MacBook, but that doesn’t mean users cannot still stream live TV channels or watch on demand content. Sling TV does support a number of devices, but in terms of macOS users, the browser support is going to be what matters most and the best way to stream Sling TV on a MacBook or any other Mac computer.

Sling TV is a popular option for watching live TV over the internet. It was one of the first live TV streaming services to launch and has managed to maintain a healthy subscriber base since then. One of the reasons for this is the low price. While many of the other live TV streaming services charge $50 or more, Sling TV’s plans start at just $35 per month, making it a good option for anyone looking for an affordable live TV streaming service.

Generally, speaking Sling TV comes with a fairly decent level of device support, as it can be accessed on a number of smart TVs, streaming players, mobile devices, computers, laptops and more. However, when it comes to some of these platforms and devices, including macOS, there is no app available to download.

Streaming Sling on a MacBook

Streaming Sling TV on a MacBook requires the use of a web browser, such as Safari. Therefore, the easiest option for owners of a Mac device is to visit through Safari, sign up if they haven’t already, and stream directly in the browser. Sling TV added Safari web browser support back in September of 2019, allowing any iPhone, iPad, or Mac device to stream content through the in-browser web player.

Officially, Sling states that Mac devices need to be running a minimum of macOS version 11.1. Providing that is the case, the user should have no issues with streaming Sling TV through Safari. While some may find this option not as convenient as an app, it is a more lightweight option, considering there’s no app taking up storage space or having to be updated.

Sling TV also supports the latest version of Google Chrome on both Mac and Windows. While Safari is clearly going to be the best web browser option for Mac computer and MacBook users, Chrome provides another browser-based way to stream Sling TV. Mac devices have been able to use Chrome to stream Sling TV ever since the live TV service launched Chrome browser support back in 2017.

A final option for Sling TV subscribers is to consider using TV Everywhere apps. Like most live TV streaming services, Sling TV subscribers can sign in to a variety of network apps and stream live TV or on demand content. Providing those same apps are also available on a Mac device, this is one way to watch Sling TV without actually watching through Sling TV.

There was a Mac app before

Normally, when a streaming service doesn’t support a platform or device, it is usually the result of the service having yet to release an app. When it comes to Sling TV, however, the opposite is the case. Sling TV did have a Mac app available, but it was discontinued back in 2018. Sling explained the decision was a result of its attempts to “improve the viewing experience” for customers and this also resulted in the discontinuing of the Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 PC apps as well.

Once it was discontinued, even those who already had the app installed were unable to stream Sling TV. Instead, app users were presented with a warning sign directing them to stream through the Chrome browser and web player. The reason for the redirection to Chrome, was the lack of Safari browser support at the time.

In fact, it took more than one year from the closure of the Sling TV Mac app for the Safari web browser support to finally arrive. Since then, it remains the best option for any Mac computer or MacBook user looking to stream Sling TV on their devices.

Watching Sling on a MacBook summary

The easiest way to stream Sling TV on a Mac computer or MacBook is through the Safari web browser. Sling added Safari browser support back in 2019, more than one year after the service suspended its Mac app. Since the browser’s support went live, Safari has remained the best option for watching Sling TV on a Mac device.

For those that don’t want to use Safari, the next best option is probably going to be Chrome. Sling has supported a Chrome browser streaming experience on Mac devices since 2017. Alternatively, the Sling TV app can be downloaded on Apple’s other devices, including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Or, subscribers might want to consider using Sling TV’s TV Everywhere support to stream directly though any network apps that are available on a MacBook or Mac computer.

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  1. Have you actually tried to “sign” into sling using safari on a Mac PC recently? I mean sign out of sling, close safari, then open safari and try to sign back in to sling. It does not work. I would think, before you write a article like this, you would have actually tested it first. Using Monterey. Chrome is glitching in Mac too with sling. Firefox does well, I can sign in to sling using it.

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