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Sling TV Shines Light on Popular Live Events with Spotlight Feature


Sports on Sling

Sling TV has now added a new Spotlight feature to make it easier to avoid missing out on live events. This is only the latest feature to be added to Sling TV with the company continuing to enrich the experience.

One of the main benefits of live TV is the ‘in the moment’ aspect. Whether it’s a major sports event or just the latest episode of the hottest hit show, watching live offers an extra level of engagement and especially for those discussing the events on social media at the same time. However, knowing when you need to tune in and on what channel, can sometimes be harder than it should be.

This is where Sling TV’s new feature comes in. Spotlight, is just that, a feature that shines a light on any upcoming “live, high-profile events.” Essentially, in the days leading up to a big event, Sling TV users can expect to see a banner advertising the event.

Sling Spotlight
Sling TV’s new spotlight feature

However, this is not simply an advertisement as the banner will include the usual Sling TV settings allowing the user to “favorite” the event or to click through to the event’s page to set up a recording. Alternatively, if the event is already live, the banner can be used as a shortcut to tune in.

Sling TV seems to be positioning this as a sports-related feature and so the banner will be visible in the “Sports” section of the interface. Furthermore, the feature is currently only available to those accessing the live TV service via an Android TV or Amazon Fire TV device.

Sling TV continues to add new featues

While there are many criticisms of Sling TV, one of the most common is the interface and experience is a little limited and basic – especially compared to other services. However, Sling TV is fast becoming the most prolific in terms of adding new features. Recently, the company added ABC News Live channel access to its free TV service and this was following the addition of free cloud DVR in December.

Likewise, while this latest feature is currently only compatible with Android TV and Fire TV devices, that’s likely to change in the future. Similar to rolling out new features, Sling TV is pretty reliable at increasing device support for features that are already available.

For example, while its free TV service was initially only available on Roku devices, it has gained support for many other devices since then. The most recent of which was the option to stream free movies and shows through a browser.

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