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Sling TV Is Updating Its Apps And Website With A New Logo


Updated Sling TV logo with emphasis on TV

Sling TV subscribers will see a new logo after updating the app on their devices. While it is unclear whether the new logo (shown above) is already rolling out to all devices, Streaming Better can confirm it has begun its journey out to many, including Apple TV and Google TV devices.

The big difference with the new logo is the addition of the “TV.” The new logo also makes use of a color scheme that’s presumably designed to represent Sling TV’s blue and orange themed plans.

New Sling TV app logo
New Sling TV app logo

While the Sling TV app on Apple TV was updated last week with the new logo, the Google TV app update began rolling out at the start of this week. After updating their apps, Android and iPhone users will also notice their mobile devices now sport the new look as well.

The new branding is not just rolling out to devices, as it can also now be seen when visiting the Sling TV website. If logged in as a Sling Freestream user, however, the user will continue to see the old “Sling” logo.

Speaking of Freestream, it looks like Sling’s free streaming service is also in the process of getting a branding upgrade as well. Unlike the new Sling TV logo, the new Freestream design places a much greater focus on “Freestream” than on “Sling.”

Sling Freestream new logo
Sling Freestream logo

From what we can tell, these changes appear to be designed as a way to better differentiate between Sling’s paid and free services. Even though Sling TV subscribers get access to all of the channels and content offered through Freestream, a paid Sling TV subscription is not required to access Freestream content in general.

Considering the growth within the free, ad-supported streaming market, it makes sense that Sling may now be trying to make sure consumers know the difference between its TV and Freestream services, and more emphasis on “TV” and “Freestream” is probably a good way to start to raise awareness of that difference.

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1 response to “Sling TV Is Updating Its Apps And Website With A New Logo”

  1. Every time Sling changes their UX interface or product design, it seems to be a downgrade. Always change for change’s sake, without improving the user experience (or making it worse). I take no pleasure in saying this as a 7+ year Sling customer. Kinda feels inevitable that a better designed platform will eventually snuff them out, which is sad. I saw the ugly new logo on my Apple TV and immediately was irritated.

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