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Sling TV Is Now an Official Google Fiber Streaming Partner


Google Fiber Sling

Google Fiber customers can now officially sign up for Sling TV. This is the latest live TV streaming service to get Google Fiber’s ‘streaming partner’ approval, providing subscribers with yet another option to choose from.

Google Fiber used to offer its own linear TV package to internet customers. However, that option came to an end for new customers in February of this year. At the time, Google explained that good internet equals good TV and that it was transitioning its approach to streaming. Essentially, it was doing away with its linear option in favor of offering subscribers the option to bundle a live TV streaming service with their internet.

As is probably to be expected, Google primarily hoped those Fiber subscribers would sign up for its own live TV streaming service, YouTube TV. In spite of this, the February announcement did confirm that alongside YouTube TV, Fiber customers could opt for fuboTV instead. While that was a choice, it was the only choice.

In a blog post today, Google confirmed that Sling TV has now been officially added as a Google Fiber streaming partner. Considering Sling TV’s base package is considerably cheaper than both YouTube TV and fuboTV, this is likely to be a welcomed addition.

Live TV streaming choices for Fiber customers

Besides YouTube TV, fuboTV, and now Sling TV, Google Fiber customers can also opt for Philo. Priced at just $20 per month, Philo is an even cheaper option than Sling TV, although the channel lineup is more limited. Not to mention, Sling TV comes with more customization options for those that want more than the base plan includes.

In contrast to the two lower-cost streaming options, fuboTV and YouTube TV are significantly more experience. Technically, fuboTV still offers its Standard plan for $59.99 per month, although the company is now pushing potential new subscribers towards its Family plan which comes with more simultaneous streams and cloud DVR hours. However, priced at $64.99 per month, the fubo Family option costs exactly the same amount as Google’s own YouTube TV.

Regardless of whether opting for the lower or higher-cost streaming services, they are all significantly cheaper than the $105 per month that Google was previously asking new subscribers for its Fiber TV service.

Of course, there are no specific savings on offer for those who do bundle a live TV streaming service with their Google Fiber internet, considering the prices are exactly the same as what these services charge directly. Furthermore, there’s also no combined billing benefit as YouTube TV, fuboTV, Philo, and Sling TV will still bill the customer separately.

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