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This Week’s Sling TV Freeview Weekend Is Hallmark Movies Now


Hallmark Christmas movies

Sling TV is offering subscribers access to Hallmark Movies Now and the Hallmark channel for free over this weekend. The company previously announced the start of a ‘Freeview’ period where it will be offering short-term access to various premium networks for free. After providing access to Showtime over the June 24-27 weekend and Curiosity Stream over the July 1-4 weekend, it’s now the turn of Hallmark.

Starting from July 8th and through July 10, Sling TV is offering subscribers the option to get into the festive spirit a little early with Hallmark’s ‘Christmas in July‘ event which runs through the entirety of the month. This means Sling TV subscribers will be able to watch any of the available to stream Christmas-themed movies for free over the weekend including A Christmas Miracle, The Christmas Bow, and Meet Me at Christmas.

Subscribers don’t actually have to do anything to take advantage of the promotion other than access Hallmark Movies Now on the Sling TV website or through one of the various platform apps and start watching. Once the free period comes to an end, the access will automatically be revoked again unless the subscriber opts to sign up to Hallmark Movies Now before then. The free access is available to all paid Sling TV subscribers. In other words, not only those signed up to the Sling Blue, Orange, or combined Orange & Blue plan, but also those subscribed to any of the international plans that Sling offers.

For reference, The free preview period not only unlocks access to Hallmark Movies Now but also the standard Hallmark Channel as well. As a result, festive fans will have the opportunity to stream Hallmark Channel’s new My Grown-Up Christmas List movie which premieres on Saturday, July 9 at 8pm ET.

Of course, for those less interested in Christmas in December, let alone July, the rest of the current Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies Now libraries will also be available to stream for free through Sling TV over this weekend.

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