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UP Faith & Family Is Free For Sling TV Subscribers This Weekend


Sling free up faith family

UP Faith & Family is free for Sling TV subscribers this weekend, providing homes signed up to the live TV streaming service with a good opportunity to test out the paid network at no additional cost.

Over the past few weeks, Sling TV has been offering its paying subscribers the option to tune in and watch select paid premium networks for free. So far, Sling’s ‘Freeview Weekends’ promotion has unlocked access to Epix, Hallmark Movies Now, Showtime, beIN Sports, and IFC Films Unlimited, among others.

These previews are not only available to Sling Blue, Sling Orange, and Sling Blue & Orange subscribers, but also those signed up to the service’s Latino and International plans as well. Furthermore, they don’t require any additional action on behalf of the subscriber. The channel simply appears in the channel guide once the free preview has begun.

This weekend it is the turn of UP Faith & Family. Starting Friday, Aug. 19 and continuing through Sunday, Aug. 21, all Sling TV subscribers can access UP Faith & Family at no additional cost. The channel is available to watch through the Sling TV website as well as through the app on a supported device. For those new to UP Faith & Family, this is a network that specifically focuses on uplifting, faith-focused, and family-friendly programming.

Free previews like this can be a good way for households to check out a new network and see if it is right for them and their family. For those households that find they would like to remain subscribed to UP Faith & Family after the free period, it can be added to either the Sling Blue or the Sling Orange plan for an additional $5 per month. Alternatively, it is also possible to subscribe directly through the UP Faith & Family website. If opting to go the direct route, consumers have the choice of paying $5.99 per month ($1 more than through Sling) for a subscription or paying $53.99 for the annual plan. The yearly subscription price breaks down to around $4.49 per month on average.

For those homes that find UP Faith & Family isn’t the right choice for them, there’s nothing to do or worry about. The free Sling TV preview will automatically come to an end after the weekend.

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