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Sling TV Now Lets You Stream Free Movies and Shows Through a Browser


Free Sling movies

Free movies and shows on Sling TV can now be accessed directly from the service’s website. Sling TV is a popular live TV streaming service although some users might be unaware that the service actually offers access to some content without the need for a subscription.

Compared to the live TV element, the free side of Sling TV is much newer considering it only launched last year. However, it launched in a limited capacity with access to free content only available via a Roku device. Throughout 2019 the free content was expanded to include Android and Amazon Fire TV devices, and now it has expanded once again.

Sling today confirmed that its free content can now be accessed directly through the website. So far, Sling TV has only confirmed browser support for Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge and therefore the use of any other browser may or may not work. Providing the browser is compatible, Sling says users have the option of choosing between more than 4,000 free TV episodes and almost 1,000 free movies.

Sling using free content to lure subscribers in

Without question, the content Sling TV offers for free, is free. The feature does not require a live TV subscription or even for the user to register an account – although there are additional benefits to registering including access to rentals.

Either way, the free element is a way for Sling to attract new users to its service and open up the door for them to consider opting for a subscription. In this sense, the free element is a gateway product and following this latest browser expansion confirmation, is likely to be one that’s working out well for Sling.

The us of free, or ad-supported tiers is one that’s increasingly being adopted by companies as a gateway solution to the brand, services and products. For example, NBC recently provided details about its high profile Peacock streaming service and that’s yet another one that will utilize a multi-tier pricing structure, including a free tier. Not to mention, whole services such as Tubi and Pluto TV have made an entire business out of relying on the revenue generated by the ads provided alongside free content.

With the model seeming to prove popular with both consumers and content providers, it is likely other service will adopt more of a hybrid AVOD and SVOD approach in the future.

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