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Sling TV Subscribers Can Watch Epix For Free This Weekend


Sling TV Epix preview

Sling TV subscribers can watch Epix live and on demand for free over this weekend. While Sling TV is already an affordable option for streaming live TV over the internet, it does routinely offer additional perks and benefits to help with the costs associated with steaming. Right now, Sling is currently in the middle of what it calls its ‘Freeview Weekends’ season where it opens up access to different premium networks at no additional cost. This week, it is the turn of Epix.

Sling started its Freeview Weekends in late June by offering paid subscribers the option to watch Showtime for free. Since then, the service has rotated through different services each week. For example, last week Sling unlocked access to Hallmark Movies Now and right in the middle of Hallmark’s ‘Christmas In July’ season, providing subscribers with a way to catch up on all the latest and most popular holiday-themed movies.

This weekend, Sling TV subscribers will be able to tune in to Epix instead. The free access period officially starts on Friday July 15 and will remain in effect through Sunday July 17. During this time, paid subscribers can either access the Sling TV website or any of the platform apps to watch Epix live channels or catch up any of the on-demand shows and movies available with a paid Epix subscription. A standalone Epix subscription typically cost $5.99 per month.

As a reminder, the benefits of Sling’s Freeview Weekends are only available to paid subscribers. This does mean that a household will need to be signed up to either the Sling Orange or Sling Blue plan, the combined Sling Orange + Blue plan, or any of the live TV service’s International subscriptions. The promotion does also apply to new subscribers who sign up between now and the end of the free period.

Providing a home is signed up to one of the paid plans, the option to watch Epix, Epix 2, and Epix Hits movies, shows, and original programming will be available Friday through Sunday. For those that would prefer to keep access to Epix after the free preview, it can be added to any of Sling’s base plans for $5 per month.

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