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Fox News & Select Fox Broadcast Stations Now Free Through Sling TV



Fox News and certain Fox broadcast stations are now free to access via Sling TV. This is the latest move in conjunction with the live TV streaming service’s “Stay in and Sling” initiative.

Sling Free is essentially free TV. This side of Sling TV allows anyone to access select TV channels and movies, both on-demand and live without the need for a paid subscription. In fact, in most instances, users won’t even need to set up a free account. Instead, they can just access the service through the website (or one of the many platform apps), browse as a guest and watch for free.

While the Sling Free experience is limited, the company has now confirmed that Fox News and certain Fox broadcast stations will be available to stream for free. This is not a permanent addition, but one designed to provide access to news and entertainment during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Sling did not confirm exactly how long the stations will remain available for.

“FOX News and certain FOX broadcast stations will remain on the SLING TV free experience temporarily, as the nation continues to monitor the rapidly evolving national emergency.”

Sling TV

Stay in & Sling expected to expand

Sling only recently introduced its “Stay in & Sling ” initiative and while it remained to be seen at the time what was so new about it, it has started to gain some traction. While Fox is the first to officially go live and join in, the announcement today stated that Sling has “already received a tremendous response” to the initiative, suggesting that access to more networks and channels might become available in due course.

In other Sling news, the company also recently announced a number of extended previews for select popular networks. Unlike the Sling Free experience, these networks are not free for everyone, but have been made available to existing Sling TV subscribers at no additional cost. Again, these are limited-time previews as they are currently only set to remain free for the upcoming weeks, although their preview end dates vary from channel to channel.

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