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Sling TV Subscribers Can Watch 4 Extras Channels for Free for a Limited Time


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Sling TV is running a new promotion that adds the 4 Extras add-on to Sling Orange and Sling Blue plans for a limited time for free. As a result, new and existing subscribers can currently watch a number of additional channels that they would not otherwise have access to.

Sling TV is one of the most affordable ways to stream live TV channels and content over the internet. In addition to the plans starting at just $30 per month, Sling TV also offers the option to customize plans through the use of add-ons. These allow subscribers to build out a more robust package, albeit with the price rising accordingly.

One of those add-ons is the 4 Extras deal which provides access to the Kids Extra, Lifestyle Extra, Comedy Extra and News Extra channel packs. Normally, these additional channel packs cost $5 each, but when combined through the 4 Extras deal, the total price is $12 per month, on top of the cost of the Sling Orange or Sling Blue subscription.

Right now, Sling TV is providing new and existing subscribers with access to the 4 Extras deal at no additional cost. There’s nothing existing subscribers need to do to activate the promotion as the channels will simply show up in the user interface along with the subscriber’s existing channels.

More channels for a limited time

In total, the 4 Extras deal adds more than 35 channels to existing Sling TV base packages, and span the comedy, news, kids, and entertainment categories. As an example, 4 Extras includes MTV, Paramount Network, TV Land, NickToons, Boomerang, BBC World News, NewsMax, FYI, Hallmark Channel, and Lifetime, among others.

With the additional channels available, Sling TV subscribers now have plenty more to choose from and watch. However, this is only a limited time preview to test out the 4 Extras add-on. The additional channels officially went live on January 25 and the free preview is due to end on February 15, 2021. Once the free preview comes to an end, the subscriber can expect the channels to be removed and their Sling live TV package to return to normal again.

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