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Sling TV ESPN & ‘Error 6-402’ Issues Affecting Subscribers


Sling TV & ESPN

Sling TV appears to be currently suffering from a technical issue that’s affecting ESPN channels. It is not clear what is causing the issue, although Sling TV is aware of it and working on a fix.

Sling TV is a popular option for consumers looking for affordable access to live TV streaming. This is particularly true for those who want access to live sports with channels like ESPN and NBCSN available through a Sling TV plan that’s typically cheaper than other live TV streaming services.

However, a number of users are currently reporting issues when trying to access ESPN channels through Sling TV. In some cases, users report being unable to access ESPN channels in general, while in others instance, users report encountering an “error 6-402.” There are also some issues occurring with users receiving an alternate “error 21-37” message when trying to access ESPN channels.

While it would make sense for all of the ESPN issues currently being reported to be related, that might not necessarily be the case. For example, an error 6-402 can sometimes be encountered when trying to watch an NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB game, due to the game being blacked out on that channel. In instances like this, the game is sometimes available to watch on another channel.

Sling TV is aware of the issue

Again, while it remains unclear if all of the reported issues today are directly related to each other, Sling TV has confirmed that it is experiencing a technical issue related to ESPN in general. The confirmation comes through the service’s Sling Answers Twitter account that has been routinely replying to messages over the last day. The replies confirm the issue and suggest subscribers access ESPN content directly through the ESPN app and not Sling TV.

For reference, like other live TV streaming services, Sling TV provides subscribers with the option to stream content directly from select channels and networks using the respective third-party apps. To do this, the subscriber visits one of the compatible ‘TV Everywhere’ apps or websites and then logs in using their Sling TV credentials.

In this case, and providing ESPN is not having any issues of its own, Sling TV subscribers will be able to download and log in to the ESPN app on a variety of different devices and stream content. At least while Sling TV continues to works through the current technical issues it is having.

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