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Pay for One Month of Sling TV, Get a Second Month for Free


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Sling TV is currently offering a BOGO free deal to new subscribers. By signing up for one month of Sling TV, new customers will gain an additional month for free. The promotion makes it easier to test Sling TV out over a longer duration without having to pay more than the cost of the first month.

Sling TV remains a popular live TV streaming option for consumers in the U.S. With packages starting as low as $30 per month, the lower cost is one of the major selling points for Sling TV. However, the service also does offer enough customization options that consumers looking for a more robust package can easily create one, for an additional monthly cost.

The live TV streaming service is currently offering new Sling TV subscribers the option to subscribe for two months, but only pay for one. The deal is good for either the Sling Orange or Sling Blue plans, but not the Sling Orange + Blue combined plan. By taking advantage of this promotion, new Sling TV customers will get two months of live TV access for $30 in total. The deal includes full access to all the channels included with either the Orange or Blue plan, along with access to the free 10-hour cloud DVR.

For those that are less keen on a free additional month of live TV, Sling TV is offering an alternate deal with the option to prepay for the first month and get an AirTV Mini streaming device as a free gift. AirTV typically charges $79.99 for this device, although it is also usually offered for free to those who sign up and prepay for two months. Therefore, the deal has been improved by reducing the number of prepaid months down from two to one.

Sling TV BOGO caveats

As is often the case, there are a few caveats to the deal. The first is that it is only available to new customers. Another is that extras are not included. Therefore, any additions to either the Sling Orange or Sling Blue plans won’t come with the additional month for free, so if any are added, customers should expect to see a charge for the second month, albeit without the additional $30 base package cost.

Another common caveat with a deal like this is that automatically billing is in effect. Essentially, the onus will be on the subscriber to cancel Sling TV before the two months are up, if they want to avoid being charged again. As following the two months, the account will automatically revert to a paid account with the consumer charged for the month ahead.

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