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You Can Now Watch Sling TV On Amazon’s Echo Show 15


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Sling TV is now available to watch on Amazon’s Echo Show 15 smart display. While this marks the first time that the live TV streaming service has gained support for one of Amazon’s displays, it is only the start of things to come. Sling TV joins a number of other streaming services that are already available to watch on the Echo Show 15, including Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix.

Smart displays are still a relatively new product category compared to other devices, but they are likely to become more commonplace as time goes on. Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, a smart display can be a useful way to add an internet-enabled device instead of a streaming player and a TV. Amazon’s Echo Show 15 was originally released in the US in December 2021, costs $249.99, and offers a 15.6 inch HD display with Alexa.

For those already with an Echo Show 15 in the home, Sling TV is now available to stream on the smart display without the need for any additional devices to bridge the support gap. As the announcement explains, Echo Show 15 users can simply say,, “Alexa, open Sling TV,” and the smart display will do the rest. Sling TV already supports a number of devices, including various smart TVs and streaming players, so while the latest support expansion won’t benefit everyone, it could be of use to those that have already invested in a smart display.

As to be expected, users will need an active Sling TV subscription and will need to sign in to their account on the device when accessing the service for the first time. After this initial signing in, the user can then issue additional commands like “Alexa, watch ESPN on SLING TV ” to watch specific content. Some of the more basic and general playback controls are also available as voice commands, including “Alexa, pause” to stop playback and “Alexa, resume” to continue watching.

At present, the Echo Show 15 is the first and only Echo Show device to come with support for Sling TV. However, that is expected to change. Without specifying the exact models or when, the announcement does make clear that more Echo Show devices will become compatible with Sling TV in the future, offering subscribers additional ways to watch their favorite live TV channels and on-demand content.

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