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Sling TV Adds More Live Sports Scores, Apple ID Payment Support, User Profiles On All Devices, And More


Sling TV Home Screen featuring live channels and Recommended for you

Sling TV has added a bunch of new features to improve the user experience. Some of the main highlights include live scores for more sports and leagues, Apple ID payment support, and the availability of user profiles on all devices.

With Sling being such a an affordable option for streaming live TV channels over the internet, the user experience is often one of the areas we hear the most complaints about. It has been getting better in recent years, however, and especially following the rollout of a new app back in 2021.

In a bid to further improve on the user experience, Dish Network announced that a number of new features are now in the process of rolling out. According to Dish, Sling TV’s new “enhanced viewing features” offer a more personalized and unique experience by providing subscribers with more power and control over what they watch.

Here’s a summary of the latest features and what Dish says Sling TV subscribers can expect from them.

  • Live Sports Scores: Viewers can still access real-time scores to help them find the most exciting games to watch, but now they can do it across all the major leagues SLING carries, including NCAA Football and Basketball, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. SLING has added team records, seeding and ranking, game clock, live scores and the network the game is on. If the user is a subscriber they can immediately click into the game, other users will be sent to a page to add the content. The Sports Scores feature is built right into the home screen and can be accessed right next to the video player, so viewers can quickly find the game or the scores they need.
  • Apple Purchase Capability: Now SLING users can use their Apple ID to buy SLING, manage purchases, subscriptions and add-ons within the app utilizing Apple Pay. SLING and Apple users can pay quickly in 44 currencies using payment methods associated with their Apple ID, access their purchased content on all devices the app supports and restore purchases on new devices. It also allows customers to quickly view payment history and manage all their SLING TV subscriptions or add-ons in one place.
  • In-App “One Click” Content Purchase: Free and current SLING paid subscribers can now immediately subscribe to recommended content they find through search, the home page and even on partner platforms. This feature adds convenience and awareness to our users to find and enjoy all of our great content.
  • User Profiles On All Devices: Enables users to create personalized profiles that have all their favorite shows, movies and DVR recordings. The feature allows for up to four additional user profiles that can be labeled and color-coded to easily differentiate among multiple users. Other features include more relevant personalized content on the Home Screen of each profile, the ability to schedule, manage and watch DVR recordings by profile, the ability to pick up where you left off with profile-specific “Continue Watching” and favorite channels specific to each profile.

For those new to Sling, the streaming service offers live TV plans from as little as $40 a month. In fact, Sling is still running a popular promotion which reduces the cost of the first month to as low as $20 a month.

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