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Sling TV Offering 50% Off Base Plans & Extras (1st Month Only)


Sling TV channels dec 2021

Sling TV has launched a new promotion that allows new subscribers to sign up and get 50% off any base plan and any of the Extras for their first month. Technically, this is an extension of a promotion that was already in effect and allowed new signups to save half on any of the base plans. With the latest change, however, new subscribers can save on many of the additional channels as well.

Anyone signing up to Sling TV has a choice between three base plans. The first two, Sling Orange and Sling Blue, both cost $35 per month and offer access to slightly different channel lineups. The third base subscription is the Sling Orange & Blue plan. As the name suggests, this one brings together the best of the other two plans, and costs $50 per month.

With Sling currently offering 50% off the cost of any of these plans, the Orange and Blue plans are now discounted to $17.50 when signing up through the Sling website. For those more interested in the combined plan, Sling Orange & Blue is down to $25 for the first month. In addition to the main plans, Sling also offers seven Extra add-ons. Even though these do add to the monthly price, each one opens up access to a select group of related channels. For example, the Sports Extra add-on adds a bunch of sports channels including NFL Redzone, while the News Extra add-on increases the number of news channels that a household has access to.

With the exception of Sports Extra, all of the Extra add-ons usually cost $6 each, which means they have all now dropped down to just $3. Sports Extra is typically priced at $11 per month, which means it is now down to $5.50 when signing up. For those that want to save even more, Sling also offers a 4 Extras Deal add-on which brings together four separate Extra add-ons (Kids, Comedy, News, and Lifestyle), and a Total TV Deal which bundles all of the Extra add-ons together at a discounted price. As part of the current sale, 4 Extras Deal is down from $13 to $6.50, while Total TV Deal has dropped down from $21 to $10.50.

It is worth keeping in mind that these discounts will only apply to the first month. This also does mean that subscribers will automatically be charged the usual, higher rate for any add-ons and the base plan they’ve signed up to unless they cancel the subscription or remove the add-ons before their next billing date. Still, with 50% off, this is a good way to test out how much Sling TV has to offer by combining Sling Orange or Sling Blue with the Total TV Deal add-on and only paying $27 for the first month.

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