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Sling TV & fuboTV Down Issues Linked to Wider Internet Outage


Sling and fubo tv

Sling TV and fuboTV were among a number of websites that were hit by outage problems earlier today. While the issue has now been fixed, multiple websites and apps were experiencing connection problems during the outage.

Streaming video and live TV offers many benefits, including access to channels and on-demand videos wherever the subscriber is, on any device they want, and generally on as many streams as they want. However, as streaming is inherently reliant on an internet connection, it can be prone to connectivity issues.

Generally speaking, it is not uncommon for a streaming service to encounter its own connection issues from time to time, including sling TV and fuboTV. However, on Sunday morning an internet-wide issue surfaced, knocking out many websites and apps.

The issue was originally thought to be linked to Cloudflare, although the company explained the problem was actually caused by “an issue with a transit provider,” which later turned out to be a CenturyLink outage.

Sling and fubo subscribers among those affected

Over the course of the morning, many Sling and fuboTV subscribers found they were unable to access live TV either through the apps or the websites. As to be expected, many took to social media to confirm the issue and request more information. Similarly, Down Detector registered massive spikes for both Sling TV and fuboTV during the early hours of Sunday.

Sling TV responded to many of the questions on social media explaining that they were looking into the issue and that it appears to be related to the wider internet outage experienced by others.

Likewise, fuboTV was also dealing with its fair share of questions from customers and also indicated that its sudden connection loss appeared to be the result of the same issue.

Although the problem persisted for a few hours, CenturyLink has confirmed the issue has now been resolved and all the websites and apps that were affected have been restored. In addition, the frequency of user reports and complaints have also drastically reduced in the last few hours, suggesting that the issues experienced by Sling TV and fuboTV subscribers have also now been resolved.

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