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Sling Freestream Now Includes A Free 10-Hour DVR


Sling Freestream app showing DVR functionality

Sling’s Freestream service now includes 10 hours of DVR recording space. Considering Sling Freestream is a completely free streaming service, the addition of a DVR is a great benefit to have access to.

There had been suggestions that Sling was planning on adding a DVR to Freestream and especially after the company teased the idea back in October. While it still remains unclear exactly when the DVR was added, it appears to be now live on the Sling Freesteam website and across most platforms.

That said, we’ve found it a little hard to actually enable the feature with an existing account. For example, after logging in with a former Sling TV account, the record option disappears again. This was in contrast to signing up for a fresh account, which did instantly unlock access to the DVR functionality.

While it remains unclear if this intentional or just a symptom of the rollout, Sling is now actively advertising the availability of the DVR when creating an account. This is in addition to the ability to favorite channels, add content to a watchlist, set parental controls, and continue watching programs.

Sling freestream DVR account
Sling Freestream advertising DVR

For those that do have access to the feature already, a small record (circle) icon will be visible for each supported title on the home page, as well as on each individual title page. If it is a show that the user is attempting to record, the user will be able to choose between recording one episode and all episodes.

Sling Freestream DVR options
Sling Freestream DVR options

From what we can tell, a good number of programs appear to be available to record, and not just what is currently playing on the live channels in the guide. In other words, it is possible to set up recordings for many titles when browsing the on-demand section of the website and app.

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