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Select Pokémon Seasons Now Available To Stream With A Library Card


Pokemon Hoopla BingePass

Thanks to Hoopla’s latest BingePass, it is now possible to stream select Pokémon seasons with just a library card. With eight seasons of the previous mainline Pokémon animated series available through this partnership, there’s plenty of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu to rewatch.

For those unfamiliar with Hoopla, it’s basically an extension of the library, as it offers library users the option to ‘borrow’ digital content. Each ‘BingePass’ unlocks unlimited access to a collection of streaming content for seven days, and just like with anything else at the library, you can always borrow the same digital collection again after it has been ‘returned.’

With Pokémon now the latest BingePass to become available, library users can stream seasons 6-13 of the popular series, and all eight seasons count as just one borrow. Considering a BingePass unlocks ad-free access to all of these seasons, you also won’t have to worry about sitting through ads, unlike with many other streaming apps and services that offer the option to stream content for free.

We’re seeing a growing interest in animated and cartoon content with an impressive 22% year-over-year increase in television content borrowed in the genre across the hoopla platform,” said hoopla Digital founder Jeff Jankowski. “As animated content continues to gain popularity in American pop culture, we’re happy to partner with Pokémon and support libraries with an expanded selection as they meet the evolving content needs of today’s patrons.”

For those considering giving the new Pokémon BingePass a try, it is worth being aware that your local library needs to have partnered with Hoopla. Participating libraries can be checked and verified when signing up, and before attempting to catch this latest BingePass.

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