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You Can Watch Screambox For Free, But Paying Unlocks Everything


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It is possible to watch Screambox for free although a lot of the movies and shows are locked behind a paid subscription, and the price of a Screambox plan depends on how long the individual is willing to sign up for. Put simply, the longer a subscriber commits to in advance, the cheaper unlimited access to Screambox becomes.

Screambox is a little more niche than many other streaming services as it is one that focuses exclusively on horror movies and videos, making it somewhat similar to Shudder. However, Screambox looks to position itself as more of a service created “by fans for fans” and promises to deliver “horror you won’t find anywhere else.”

In terms of the price, Screambox does offer a free tier which makes it possible for households to watch without paying for a subscription. That said, even the free tier does require the user to sign up via the Screambox website and this includes providing a first name, last name, and an email address. After signing up, users can then watch for free with ads.

While it is possible to watch Screambox without paying anything, free users cannot watch any of the premium content. This is an important difference as it effectively rules out a substantial portion of what the horror-themed streaming service has to offer. For those that do want unlimited access to all the horror content, a paid subscription is required.

Screambox price depends on subscription length

Like most services, Screambox offers a normal monthly plan. Priced at $4.99 per month, Screambox’s Month Premium Plan unlocks all of the content and removes the ads. For those simply looking for a no-commitment way to watch Screambox, this is going to be the best option. For those looking to save a little on the cost, there’s the quarterly 3 Month Premium Plan plan, priced at $11.99. Although this is equivalent to $4 per month, the full $11.99 needs to be paid when subscribing. Outside of the slight discount on each month, the 3 Month Premium Plan does not differ from the Month Premium Plan.

For those that want to save as much as possible, there’s the annual plan. Screambox offers a substantial discount to those willing to sign up and pay for a year in advance. The Premium Year Plan is priced at $39.99, resulting in a saving of 30% compared to paying the monthly cost for 12 straight months. On average, the discount reduces the cost of a subscription down to around $3.33 per month.


Regardless of whether signing up to the Month Premium Plan, 3 Month Premium Plan, or the Premium Year Plan, Screambox does offer one month for free without actually advertising this as a free trial. In addition, Screambox does also state that all three of its Premium plans come with “free special deals” although it remains to be seen what exactly that means.

Screambox subscription cost: summary

Screambox has both a free and paid tier with the paid plan not only removing the ads but also unlocking all of the content. The standard price of a monthly paid subscription is $4.99, but consumers can save on the cost by signing up and paying for either three months or one year in advance. Opting for the annual plan will result in the cheapest price possible for a 12-month subscription period, and is likely to be the best choice for those that know they will want to remain a subscriber throughout the year.

It is worth noting that various third-party services also offer access to Screambox. For example, both Prime Video Channels and YouTube TV offer the option to add the horror streaming service. However, with both only offering the $4.99 per month plan, subscribers don’t have the ability to sign up and save by paying for three months or one year in advance. All of which does make signing up directly through Screambox the best option in terms of choice and potential savings.

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