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Samsung’s Tizen Was Most Popular Smart TV OS In 2023: Survey


Samsung Tizen TV

Samsung’s Tizen was the most popular OS in 2023 in terms of new smart TV purchases, according to new consumer research. In general, the survey pointed to as many as 66% of US internet households now owning a smart TV.

Picking up a new smart TV not only results in a choice between different brands, but also different operating systems. While some TV makers rely on third-party software for their TVs, some still invest in their own in-house solutions.

In Samsung’s case, that’s Tizen, and according to the latest research from Parks Associates, the most popular smart TV operating system in Q3 2023 was Samsung’s Tizen at 35%. While this is only in relation to one quarter, Parks Associates explains this has been the trend throughout the year, resulting in Samsung’s Tizen being the most popular smart TV operating system purchased in 2023.

Similar to the results for Samsung, the market research company found the other TV OS brands to be relatively consistent throughout the year. According to the Q3 2023 data, LG’s webOS came in second, followed by Vizio’s SmartCast platform in third. Similar to Samsung, both LG and Vizio invest in their own first-party operating system.

Leaders in the smart-TV category are those who are hardware manufacturers, smart TV platform owner/developers, and owners of viewership data — this allows complete control over the user experience. It is no coincidence that Samsung is the most popular smart-TV brand, given their wide range of products, large app library, and emphasis on ease of use,” said Sarah Lee, Research Analyst, Parks Associates.

When it came to third-party solutions, the Q3 2023 data pointed to Roku leading the way. Roku OS was then followed by Android TV (including Google TV) and Amazon’s Fire TV.

In spite of Samsung’s apparent clear lead in the smart TV OS space, Parks Associates suggests that lead may narrow in the future, and as competition continues to heat up.

Together, LG (Web OS), SmartCast (VIZIO), and Roku TV OS account for about the same share as Samsung, but these and other options are likely to become more competitive in the coming years,” Lee said.

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