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Samsung TV Plus Has Mysteriously Disappeared From Samsung TVs


Live TV section of the Samsung TV Plus app

Samsung TV Plus appears to have disappeared from Samsung TVs. While it currently remains to be seen what is happening, or why the app has so mysteriously disappeared, a wide number of users are reporting the app has been deleted from their TVs.

With Samsung TV Plus being a free streaming service, it is a nice benefit for Samsung TV owners to have access to. Just yesterday, for example, the company confirmed the addition of a number of new A&E FAST channels as well as an expansion of on-demand content.

Today, however, users have woken up to find that the app has completely disappeared from their TVs. After being tipped off by an affected user, Streaming Better was able to confirm a wide number of users are experiencing the same problem, suggesting the issue is fairly widespread at the moment.

According to those user, the app has completely vanished. While some have tried restarting their TVs, in some cases even factory resetting them, the app remains unavailable. It would also seem that no known updates have rolled out, and the app cannot be reinstalled from the Apps Section of the Samsung Smart Hub.

As the web version of Samsung TV Plus appears to still be working fine, the issue appears to only be affecting the Samsung TV Plus app right now.

While Samsung hasn’t officially commented on the problem yet, one user in one of many related posts on the Samsung Community support site was advised by Samsung’s tech support that an update is currently rolling out to the app. An update which could apparently take up to 48 hours to complete.

In reality, this seems like a highly unlikely situation, and especially without any prior warning given about the downtime. However, it does at least confirm Samsung is aware of the issue, and working on restoring the Samsung TV Plus app to smart TVs.

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13 responses to “Samsung TV Plus Has Mysteriously Disappeared From Samsung TVs”

  1. I spent about an hour yesterday trying to get it back. I reset my TV to factory default and had to reinstall other apps.

  2. well, me too. all gone . tried factory reset, nothing. bummer

  3. my 2016 tv still has it but a newer tv says it has been deleted and it won’t reinstall

    1. my older Samsung TV still has the app but it doesn’t work. It’s completely gone from my new TV and unavailable to reinstall from the app store

  4. “it can happened to me it can happen to you” J rock..

  5. Me too. gone

  6. Checked my TV minutes ago only to discover the Samsung TV Plus has disappeared. Called 800-SAMSUNG but they said they are working to fix the problem. They did not say when it should be fixed..

  7. I woke up after 10am CST and notice it was gone as well

  8. This also happened to me Samsung app disappeared,called them and all they would say is they are working on it.

    1. Working fine until about 1:30 today, then No signal appears. Tried all the tricks with no resolve.

  9. it happened to me today. Samsung plus just disappeared.

    1. Me too !! I am not happy a customer!

    2. Me too !! I am not happy a customer!

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