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Roku Update Combines Soundbar and Speakers to Create Surround Sound


Roku speakers

Roku is releasing a software update that lets owners of its soundbar and wireless speakers combine them together to create a surround sound system. While Roku is primarily known for its streaming players, the company has since expanded to offer audio products as well. Today’s announcement bridges the gap between the audio products resulting in a more immersive streaming experience overall.

If you own a Roku smart soundbar, then you may have also considered buying the company’s wireless speakers. Before now, doing so would have created an improved listening experience, but not neccessarily, a unified one. That is now what’s changed.

Roku has confirmed a software update rolling out soon will make it possible for the wireless speakers and the soundbar to be combined together. The update will add additional value to going Roku’s audio route, and especially as consumers can buy the pieces separately (when funds allow) safe in the knowledge they will work in harmony as a room-filling and multi-directional setup.

Roku also took the opportunity today to announce Walmart will soon begin selling an onn-branded version of its Roku Wireless Surround Speakers for $149.99. Walmart already sells an onn Roku Smart Soundbar, which again is now capable of being paired with the new onn wireless speakers to create a surround sound setup.

The onn wireless speakers, as well as the software update are both due to arrive in February.

The latest example of Roku’s all-in approach

The audio announcement today is very representative of Roku’s approach in general. Just like how it is now combining its audio products together to offer a product that’s greater than the sum of its parts, the company previously did the same thing with its streaming platform in general.

While most will be familiar with Roku through its hardware devices and their support for multiple third-party streaming services, the company has been massively building out its own streaming solutions. The Roku Channel is a prime example of this with Roku device owners able to watch select movies and shows for free, as well as subscribe to various premium networks directly through Roku.

The combining of hardware and services has so far proven to be a valuable move for Roku as it has seen a massive increase in revenue from its services side. With the same inclusive and integrated approach now being extended to its audio products as well, it is likely consumers will find just as much value in Roku’s audio products as they currently do with the company’s video streaming products.

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