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Spectrum TV App Available To Download On Roku Players Again


Spectrum TV App Roku

The Spectrum TV app has now returned to the Roku store allowing Roku device users to once again access live and on demand content through Charter. It is not uncommon for companies to enter a dispute with each other and in some cases, those disputes can go on for a long time. In this case, the dispute appears to have ended positively for any shared Roku and Charter customers.

Roku is no stranger to disputes. In fact, the company is still involved in one with Google that has resulted in the YouTube TV app becoming unavailable on the Roku platform outside of a workaround. With Charter, the dispute started in 2020 when the two companies were unable to agree a new carriage deal resulting in the Spectrum TV app being pulled from the platform.

Today Roku confirmed the Spectrum TV app is available to download on Roku devices. The company did not specifically mention the dispute or even draw attention to any agreement. However, the fact the app has once again become available does clearly indicate an agreement to renew distribution between the two companies was reached.

As a result, Charter customers can now download the app and use their existing subscription details to log in and access all of their live and on demand content as normal. Similar to the current situation with YouTube TV, those that had already downloaded the Spectrum TV app on a Roku player were largely unaffected by the removal, and therefore remain unaffected by the return of the app as well.

Regardless of who could and couldn’t access the app over the past few months, it is always positive when an agreement comes to an end and all consumers gain access to the services they pay for on their preferred devices. A situation that doesn’t look likely to be changing any time soon for YouTube TV subscribers.

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