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Roku Channels Mysteriously Disappearing, Here’s the Fix


Roku TV home screen apps

If you’re experiencing an issue installing a Roku channel, you are not alone. Roku has sent out a service disruption notice acknowledging the issue and advised of a fix.

Earlier today, some Roku users started reporting an issue where they were unable to install a Roku channel. The issue was not just reserved to new installations either, with others reporting that channels that were already installed had suddenly disappeared from their Roku device altogether. This included some of the most widely used channels on the platform, such as Disney+, Netflix, and YouTube TV.

Following the user reports, Roku sent out a service advisory notice explaining that the company is aware of the problem and that it was working on a fix. At the time, Roku did not provide any explanation as to why this was happening, but has since explained how to fix the problem.

According to Roku, here’s how to fix the Roku missing channels issue:

“On your Roku device, go to Settings>System>System update and select Check now to sync to the Roku service and should recover missing channels.

You may need to re-authenticate into some channels for access.”

The timing is not great for Roku or its users

The news that some Roku channels were suddenly disappearing from devices could not have come at a worse time considering the company is currently about to intentionally remove multiple Fox channels from the platform.

Late yesterday, Roku sent out a warning that it had failed to reach a licensing agreement with Fox and as a result the channels were due to be removed. An agreement has still not been reached between the two and if terms are not agreed by the end of the day, the Fox channels are scheduled to leave the platform.

The news that Roku was removing Fox channels has not gone down well with users, and especially as this is all taking place right before this year’s Super Bowl – which is being broadcast on Fox. Following the confirmation of the Fox dispute, many users took to social media to voice this frustration at Roku for dropping the Fox channels.

This latest service disruption is unlikely to make that situation any better.

Source: Roku

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44 responses to “Roku Channels Mysteriously Disappearing, Here’s the Fix”

  1. I’m not buying another Roku product…

  2. Tuchy1933 Avatar

    All my antenna and Roku channels disappeared but two. This happened about a week ago. When will this get fixed?!?!?!?!!’

  3. I had Comet on Roku yesterday , worked fine , today it says ” Be Back Soon “

  4. What is going on with my Roku channels only 5 icons r showing but they are not the ones I watch. Last week my walb 10 news stop showing previous news. Then 1 hour ago funrise, tuba, Roku channel, local ect…disappeared. anyone else having trouble today with this????

  5. Turned tv on and clicked YT and everything disappeared. Have tried the suggested fix and says up to date but nothing comes back, I have turned the tv off for half an hour and turned it back on and still nothing.

  6. Same. Gotta keep re-authenticating YTTV, so annoying.

    1.  Avatar

      Same here. Tried the “fix” . No results. I’ve lost Netflix on ROKU but not on my other devices.???

  7. My Disney+ and Friendly tv apps disappeared. The software is up to date and hasn’t been updated since Dec 17 2020.

    1. This is happening to my Onn roku tv also. It drops Netflix ,YouTube tv, etc. and I have to keep adding the channels back and signing in again.
      Tried turning off bandwidth saver. Will let you know.

  8. My Persian Channels mysteriously disappeared. Need Help as to how to insttal them back.

  9. Found all but 9 channels missing today, and at least one channel appearing that I don’t recall adding before.

    I too tried the fix. Screen said that it looks for system updates daily, and that mine is current.

    If SOME channels get removed, they may not be able to be re-installed!

    Installing channels and marking favorites is very time consuming.

    Please help, ROKU!

  10. Disney+ disappeared and wont reinstall on roku tv. System update does not fox issue. Anyone know how to fix this?

  11. I opened my Roku tv and found that all my channels were missing and I couldn’t add any of them back on and I tried the “fix” twice but nothing changed I hope you guys figure out the problem and fast I need my Roku lol

  12. Live tv channel dropping from roku

    We are watching roku live tv then screen goes dark and live tv drops and disappears until we delete Roku from channel list. This happens every 10 mins. Then we have to go back and add it in.
    What’s going on ?

    Dec 4, 2020

  13. I will dispose of this roku if channels i like cannot be viewed and just use an attenna.

  14. For everyone experiencing the fresh wave of missing channels, Roku has confirmed the fix mentioned in the article should now work. More details in our current August 20 post:

  15. My Hulu works but, Disney plus, Netflix and YouTube is gone… when will it be fixed?

  16. I have the same problem. Netflix, Roku and you tube instantly disappeared and won’t reinstall. The fix suggested didn’t work.

  17. Disney and Vudu gone tried the”fix” ,didn’t fix anything. Can’t reinstall ,pretty mad

  18. My youtubetv app was also uninstalled, followed the steps for fix and keeps saying channel install failed. Sounds like this is happening to quite a few people tonight.

    1. Mine is doing the same thing roku tv power went out my netflix dissapeared and won’t let me reinstall the app.

  19. Today YouTube disappeared from our TV. I tried the fix above with no luck. I have tried to reset the tv and reinstall the channel. Both are dead ends. Little help?

  20. I was watching my YouTube tv and it suddenly went off. My YouTube tv and Netflix have disappeared. I tried the “fix” and it still will not let me re-install those two apps. Other streaming apps seem to be ok. I did check for updates and it tells me it is up to date. This tv has Roku factory installed. My other tv with a Roku device seems to be ok. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Do not have ROKU in living, but do in bedroom !!! How do I fix it.. The
      Power had gone out into the night without my knowing it !!!

  21. When is this problem going to be fixed? I have NONE of the channels that I usually use.

    1. Becca White Avatar
      Becca White

      Mine deleted Netflix and Hulu. I came home from a 10 hour long day of work, ready to chill and watch a show on Netflix and it’s gone!!! Kinda upset, but maybe it’ll be good for the break from tv. Just hope it doesn’t last super long lol

  22. All i know is Roku either gone find my channels or we gone have a problem. My son will be asking me in the morning about Mickey Mouse and i better be able to put it on for him

  23. My installed channels have all been deleted and I am unable to reinstall any of them!

    1. Hi Joni, you are not alone. Many are experiencing the same issues. Did you try to fix mentioned above?

      1. Ashley Depew Avatar
        Ashley Depew

        I tried the fox and it didn’t work

        1. Sorry to hear that Ashley. This article is in relation to a previous but same issue. Roku is aware of the current today issue. We are keeping a more up to date timeline on today’s problem here –

      2. Amanda Moskwa Avatar
        Amanda Moskwa

        I tried the fix as stated above and nothing changed!

    2. Brian McNamara Avatar
      Brian McNamara

      Time to throw out both goddamn Roku players and buy 2 Apple TV devices and that’s what I wanted to do 4 or 5 years ago when I moved off TV to steaming and some knucklehead told me to get ROKU. Done with Roku

    3. Select a channel that is still there then push left and they should all be back

  24. My Roku tv was working perfectly fine a couple of hours ago. I go to put my baby down for bed and all my channels are deleted!! I can’t even install most of them back!!! WTH is going on!?!?

    1. Same! My netflix, hulu, and disney plus are missing. When I try to readd it says install failed. Tv is up to date. I restarted it and my internet connection says excellent. Both my tvs have the same issue. What is going on! Let me know if you find a fix!

      1. John Carter Avatar
        John Carter

        same here

      2. I have the same problem

    2. Hi Mandi, did you try the fix solution mentioned above?

      Also, we are keeping an updated timeline for the fresh wave of missing channels here –

  25. Same bro

  26. Amgad Mikhail Avatar
    Amgad Mikhail

    I bought two roku devices couple of months ago for a reason which is I need IPTV App called SMARTERSPLAYER I was able to downloaded till today 96/23/2020
    It disappeared suddenly and can’t get it anymore. WTH

    1. Mommacornbread Avatar

      I also factory reset and I cannot find my channels

    2. I had Comet on my Roku TV yesterday , worked fine , today it just says “Be Back Soon” Hope it gets fixed soon

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