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Some Roku Users Report Temporary Loss Of All Channels


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A number of Roku users are reporting a strange issue that appears to delete or remove the channels installed on their device. It currently remains unclear what is causing the problem, but it does seem to be affecting a number of users. For most, the issue appears to only be a temporary one with the lost or deleted channels returning again.

Roku remains one of the major players in the streaming market and its operating system can now be found on many devices, including smart TVs, streaming players, and even soundbars. With so many devices available, and at varying price points, the company has managed to build up a fairly substantial user base. Of course, this does mean when unexpected things happen, they have the ability to affect a lot of users.

Over the past hour, Streaming Better has received reports of an issue on Roku devices. In addition, similar reports have also surfaced on social media noting the same problem. It currently remains unclear what exactly is happening, but affected users note that the channels installed on the device have suddenly disappeared. While it is not uncommon for individual Roku channels to mysteriously disappear, or be officially removed like with YouTube TV, the suggestion is that all the channels have gone. In some cases, the change also seems to affect other aspects as well, such as the look of the home screen.

From what has been reported so far, the issue appears to be a temporary one with most users noting that after a short period of time the apps/channels have returned again, albeit not necessarily in the same order. However, it is worth noting that there are some users reporting that the channels haven’t returned. Again, this might be just a time-related issue, with the channels eventually returning.

While it remains unclear what is causing the issue or which devices are affected, smart TVs powered by Roku OS do continually keep being mentioned. Therefore, this might be an issue that specifically applies to Roku TVs. Regardless of which devices are affected, and as the cause of the issue remains unknown, it also remains unclear if there’s any way to fix the issue. For now, the best option seems to be just waiting for the missing channels to return again.

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