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Returning Philo Subscribers Can Get One Month For $10 (With Promo Code)


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For those that have previously tried Philo and are now considering signing back up again, it is possible to get the first month for just $10 with a promo code. Philo has always been an affordable way to stream live TV over the internet, but with the various price increases that have hit other services, it might be time to give Philo another try.

Even though Philo hasn’t been without its own price increases over the years, they have been less impacting than others. For example, while Philo originally launched with a $16 plan, the price increased to $20 in 2019 and then to $25 in 2021. Still priced at just $25 per month, Philo not only remains cheaper than most other live TV services, but cheaper than the prices most of those other services launched at.

One of the problems with returning to a subscription service is that there isn’t usually an ability to take part in a free trial again. While that’s also true with Philo, those returning can at least benefit from a new promotion that reduces the cost of the first month to just $10. To take advantage of this offer, simply head over to the Philo website and use the WELCOMEBACK10 promo code when signing back up. Once the first month has come to an end, the subscription will renew at the usual $25 rate unless canceled before then.

It currently remains unclear how long this promotion will be available for, so those considering returning to Philo and wanting to secure a cheaper first month may want to use the promo code sooner rather than later. It is also worth keeping in mind that this promotion is designed for returning subscribers, so those new to the service won’t be able to use the discount code to reduce their first month to $10. However, Philo does offer a seven-day free trial to all new customers, making it possible to test out the service before having to pay for the first month.

Regardless of whether a new or returning subscriber, Philo provides access to more than 60 live TV channels, an on-demand library of movies and episodes, and even an unlimited cloud DVR for recordings.

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