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Quibi Reviewed (In 500 Words)


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Quibi selection of content

Quibi is an interesting video streaming service and it definitely offers something different to the rest. However, it is lacking in too many respects to be worth your time or money.

This is a quick review of Quibi which will cover the main pros and cons of the streaming service. However, if you would rather a more detailed look at the newest (and one of the stranger streaming services around), then here’s our full Quibi review.

What’s good about Quibi

Quibi is a unique service as it solely caters to mobile users. While TV is traditionally consumed on an actual TV, the times are changing and mobile devices are now more than capable of accessing video content at home or anywhere else. As a result, Quibi is fully optimized for on-the-go use, with even the episodes capped at ten minutes for quick and easy consumption.

Quibi Adrenaline Rush
Quibi is great for a quick watch

While limited in duration, Quibi still provides full-length original movies – it is just they are told over shorter segments. This makes the service ideal for occasions when you don’t have time to watch a long video. Further adding to the mobile-first experience, Quibi will also let you watch in portrait mode, with unique angles and perspectives.

Other additional good points include the ability to download content for offline use and the option to go ad-free. In fact, even the ad-supported version is pretty good considering there are very few ads shown.

What’s bad about Quibi

There are two main issues with Quibi and both could potentially be fixed over time. The first and most concerning is the complete lack of support for other devices – you currently can’t even cast to a TV (although, this is changing). This also means you cannot use your phone at all while using Quibi. While that might be fine if only watching a single episode now and again, it is not ideal for longer binge sessions.

Quibi error message
Only compatible with smartphones

The other main issue is the lack of content. As this is a new service, there’s a limited amount of content to watch right now. Quibi is adding new episodes each week so over time that might change. However, subscribers currently might find content specifically suited to them runs a little thin.

Is Quibi worth it?

Right now, Quibi is not worth a subscription. The cheapest option is the ‘with ads’ plan at $5 per month. While that’s pretty low compared to other streaming services, the lack of content, coupled with a lack of device support, makes for a very limiting experience.

It is not a bad service, but the $5 will be better spent on a streaming service with more content and greater accessibility. For example, Hulu at $5.99 offers more to watch and on pretty much every device you own.

Quibi offers a 90-day free trial, so there’s plenty of time to see if it’s a good service for you.

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