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Quibi AirPlay Support Arrives as Chromecast Users Continue to Wait [Update: Chromecast Support Added]


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Update: The Quibi Android app was updated on June 12 with Chromecast support. As a result, Android and iPhone device owners can now cast Quibi content from their smartphone to their TV.

Quibi has now added AirPlay support to the iOS app allowing iPhone users to send videos to their TV. Android users currently do not have the option available, although the company says that will likely happen next month.

Quibi is one of the latest streaming services to launch and looked to set itself apart by offering users more of a mobile-first video streaming experience. The only problem was the experience was a little too mobile-first as it restricted paying subscribers from being able to watch on any device other than their mobile phone.

While those restrictions are largely still in place, the company has loosened its hold a little now by offering phone users the option to stream Quibi videos from their phones to their TV. The company actually announced last month that this was be happening although it has taken up until now for the changes to begin taking effect. However, they are only now taking effect for those accessing the service on an iOS device.

What about Quibi subscribers on Android?

While iPhone users are now able to stream Quibi videos from their phone to the TV, Android users will have to wait a little longer. Although the mobile app has been updated today on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, it is only the iOS version that includes the newly-added support.

Besides the iOS app update confirmation, Quibi’s Chief Product Office, Tom Conrad recently Tweeted, further confirming the iOS rollout. Along with that confirmation, Conrad explained the team is still working on Chromecast support and that the current expectation is the feature will be added to Quibi’s Android app sometime in June.

Even when Android receives the same treatment, Quibi will still be a fundamentally flawed service due to the overall lack of device and platform support. While the option to stream from a phone to a TV will greatly improve the experience (compared to the Quibi experience up until now), it still requires the user to have to continuously use their phone to control content and playback while watching on a TV.

Of course, Quibi has no issues with pleading its case as a mobile-first company, but there is a difference between being mobile-first and mobile-only, even with AirPlay and Chromecast support included.

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